NullTX Toilet Paper Calculator

This Toilet Paper Calculator Will get you Through the Coronavirus Crisis

When a global pandemic occurs, it is not entirely uncommon to see a new global commodity emerge all of a sudden. This time around, it would appear that toilet paper is the commodity, but how much does one really need? 

Answering that question may be a lot more challenging than one would anticipate.

Calculating One’s Toilet Paper Needs

Based on shopping behavior around the world, it would appear that dozens of toilet rolls are needed per individual.

Thankfully, a handy calculator has emerged. 

It simply calculates how much toilet paper one needs to suit their behavior.

Moreover, it will help determine how long one’s existing supply of toilet paper will last.

Whether it will help reduce the hoarding of this commodity, is a different matter altogether.

It seems unlikely that the hoarding will stop in the near future.

While many may see this calculator as a joke, it is certainly a viable project.

It may also help instill some common sense into people once again.

How Much Toilet Paper also has ample customization options.

It even goes down to how many sheets of paper one users per wipe, among other things.

Efforts like these need to be applauded, as they offer some comic relief during these times of hardship. 

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