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President Xi Visits the Beijing Area as the Coronavirus Runs Rampant Across China

The coronavirus outbreak continues to throw up very surprising developments. It has even forced President Xi Jinping to come out and tour Beijing to oversee efforts to contain the epidemic.

Albeit a Presidential visit won’t alleviate any symptoms, the Chinese public will be pleased to see him in the open again.

The Coronavirus Threat Isn’t Over

This is not a random encounter either, as the coronavirus situation in China remains very worrisome.

Just this week, another 97 Chinese individuals have succumbed to the infection. 

Rather than slowing the rate of infection, it appears that more people are now dying in quick succession.

Combined with the increasing rate of infection aboard the cruise ship quarantined in Yokohama, Japan, the numbers are not looking good.

On that ship alone, at least 135 passengers have been confirmed as victims of the coronavirus.

With roughly 3,700 on board the ship, those numbers are very likely to keep rising over the coming days and weeks.

As the situation progresses, no cure has been found as of yet.

Some meaningful progress has been made in Thailand, yet the initial results have yet to be confirmed by additional trials.

In China alone, over 40,100 people are now infected with the coronavirus.

In a week from today, those numbers may look very different, albeit not for the right reasons.

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