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Reddcoin’s ReddID Supports All Major Social Networks at Launch

It has been coming for some time now, but Reddcoin’s ReddID solution is finally ready for prime time. This new solution offers some interesting benefits when it comes to using this particular cryptocurrency. With the ReddID wallet now available, crypto-based media tipping will become a lot more straightforward.

The ReddID Solution in a Nutshell

Reddcoin has always positioned itself as a cryptocurrency social network. Living up to those expectations has been very challenging, though significant progress has been made through the ReddID implementation. This new wallet solution gives users access to the native signature platform which can reward quality social content through the built-in tipping mechanism.

To put this in perspective, Reddcoin wants to build the internet’s “like” button for content creators and consumers alike. The ReddID solution will play a big role in that process, as users can reward great content through RDD tips. Those tips can then be exchanged by the recipient for physical goods or gift cards. Creating such a vast ecosystem will remain challenging, but this is an important first step in the right direction.

For the supported social networks, ReddID can be a welcome change as well. As this solution is compatible with most popular platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube – there is a good chance this solution can bridge the gap between these individual platforms. As none of these firms will officially collaborate with one another, services such as ReddID can make positive things happen in this regard accordingly.

Lead developer John Nash – or Cryptognasher – adds:

“Since 2014, Reddcoin has envisioned creating the first blockchain platform to use personalized IDs for social media tipping. Part of what makes ReddID so groundbreaking and revolutionary is that no one has come up with a cryptocurrency solution that offers an all-in-one tool: You choose your name, click and pay, and it’s confirmed. You’re getting paid for things that take zero effort or that you are probably already doing for free anyway.”

Users will be able to create their unique ReddID name through the wallet. It is a big step forward compared to sharing their wallet address, which are long strings of letters and numbers. This ReddID can then be linked to their social media accounts through a single click. Linked accounts can immediately begin tipping other users, and invite people to partake in this new venture accordingly.

Rather than having to install a separate application on one’s computer, the ReddID solution can be accessed through a Chrome extension or a Firefox plugin. WordPress plugins are in development at this time, and new platforms will be supported as this project continues to grow and evolve. It is a very intriguing development for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, as bringing different currencies to the masses is still an ongoing challenge.


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