NullTX Stratis Price Surge

Stratis Price Eyes $2 Following Microsoft Certification Announcement

It has been a while since people actively discussed the price of Stratis. Although this blockchain project has a lot of potential in its own right, the bearish pressure throughout 2018 has caused a dip in overall interest. Even so, the new Microsoft certification will elevate the Stratis price to new levels, and a current price push is already shaping up rather nicely.

Stratis Price Momentum Intensifies Quickly

Despite an initial spell of market momentum in mid-2017, the Stratis project has been unable to maintain traders’ attention for an extended period of time. That it situation is slowly coming to change as of right now, albeit there is still a long way to go prior to hitting $18 again. Its current value of $1.69 is more than fair, although it seems this price can rise to $2 in a few days or weeks.

Over these past 24 hours, things have gotten rather interesting for Stratis holders. More specifically, there is an 9% uptrend in the USD department, and a similar uptrend in the BTC department. It is not uncommon for altcoins to rise against Bitcoin right now, although such steep gains are not all that common. With $17.211m in volume, it seems that uptrend can be sustained with some ease.

The main reason so many people are paying attention to Stratis right now is because of the new Microsoft certification. Stratis is an official certified partner of Microsoft right now, which will elevate this project to a whole new level moving forward. It also confirms Microsoft sees merit in this project’s blockchain-oriented approach.

This new announcement has already triggered a very bullish pattern for the STRAT/BTC pair, according to The Trader FX. It is possible this is only the beginning of an extended Stratis price uptrend, albeit it remains to be seen if that will indeed be the case moving forward. Bitcoin is still stuck in sideways momentum, and it can easily drag all altcoins with it in quick succession.

A similar sentiment is echoed by Twitter user “Godfather”. He also notes how the Microsoft announcement is making a big impact as of right now, and a massive amount of volume is being added to the order books on the Binance exchange. That is always pretty interesting to keep an eye on in this day and age, as Binance is widely considered to be the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the industry.

As is always the case in the cryptocurrency world, things can change in the blink of an eye. The current positive momentum associated with Stratis is promising, although there may be a reversal in the next few hours as well. No market has been able to sustain its gains for a very long time, especially where altcoins are concerned. If Stratis can success, however, a push to $2 is not out of the question by any means.


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