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DOGECOIN PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (October 12) – Doge Revisits 15-Months Low After Two-Month Consolidation, Will it Crack This Time?

Dogecoin entered a consolidation phase after witnessing a collapse in August. While in that phase, it initiated another dip near its 15-month and is now brewing to take more lows. The price is currently down by 1% daily. Compared to some major altcoins, Dogecoin did not tap much gain during […]

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$PEPE Gains Investors’ Attention While These Other Three Memecoins Experience A Shift In Trader Interest

The cryptocurrency market has been marked by significant fluctuations since the mid-July local top, with many altcoins experiencing more declines than gains. Amidst this market turbulence, there has been an intriguing shift in trader interest, particularly concerning memecoins. Traders Show Preference For $PEPE Over $Doge One of the standout observations […]

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Memecoins Surpasses Stablecoins Like $USDT and $USDC In Terms Of Gas Consumption

In recent times, the metrics tracking of fee distributions among assets by @santimentfeed reveals an intriguing development: certain memecoins have managed to surpass established stablecoins like $USDT and $USDC in terms of gas consumption. This atypical phenomenon is commonly observed during periods of heightened speculative trading activity. Trading Volume And […]