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Solana Network Faces Unprecedented Congestion Leading To Record Transaction Failures

The Solana network is currently grappling with an unprecedented level of congestion, resulting in a surge in transaction failures. This surge in failed transactions coincides with a significant increase in network activity, largely driven by the recent frenzy surrounding platform memecoins.  This surge has caused Solana’s transaction volume and unique […]

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Ethereum Surges Past $2,000 Mark As Daily Revenue Hits 4-Month High

In a remarkable new development, Ethereum (ETH) soared to another milestone by breaking the $2,000 price resistance, driven by the optimism surrounding the news that the crypto giant, BlackRock, submitted another ETF for SEC review. Record-Breaking Daily Revenue For Ethereum Following this accomplishment, Ethereum’s daily revenue witnessed a significant surge, […]

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Ethereum Decreasing Exchange Supply Helps ETH Stand Out In The Current Crypto Market Spike

Ethereum (ETH) has emerged as a standout performer amid the recent resurgence in the cryptocurrency market. Several key factors have contributed to Ethereum’s strong performance, with its price surging past $1,850 for the first time since August 15th. One notable metric that underscores Ethereum’s strength is the decreasing supply of […]

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Ethereum’s Declining Exchange Balance Signals Strong Hodling Sentiment, Exchange Balance At 14,580,091.144 ETH

Ethereum (ETH) is experiencing a remarkable trend as its balance on cryptocurrency exchanges hits a five-year low, currently standing at just 14,580,091.144 ETH. This significant decrease in the amount of Ethereum held on exchanges is a clear indicator of a growing “diamond hands” sentiment within the cryptocurrency community. About 4,000 […]

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How to Secure Your Network

Over time, we are exposed to the dangers that are entirely new and unknown for us. The way we work is different today, we are so bound to technologies among which the internet connection ranks on the first. These days, everything from ordering food to booking a cab is being […]