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TEMCO Establishes Partnership with Cryptocurrency Fund and Advisory “TLDR Capital”

19 September 2018 – TEMCO Labs has signed a partnership agreement with global advisory firm TLDR. Thomas Graham, Alex Yamashita, and Graham Friedman of TLDR will advise TEMCO in development of TEMCO project.

As the first Asian company to officially partner with RSK, TEMCO’s collaboration with the globally renowned team at TLDR has brought a lot of attention from many cryptocurrency experts and investors around the world.

TLDR is a leading crypto advisory firm, specializing in tokenization of projects and cybersecurity. TLDR is headquartered in London with offices in NYC, SF, London, Tokyo, and HK. As practiced investors, the TLDR portfolio contains many successes such as Kyber Network, Gifto, ICON, Ox, Quanstamp, Aelf, IAMA, and APEX.

TLDR team is made up of prominent leaders, who have contributed to many startups looking to participate in the decentralized landscape. Managing partner Thomas Graham, and co-founders Alex Yamashita and Graham Friedman, along the entire TLDR team will contribute their expertise to the success of TEMCO’s platform.

Thomas Graham is the managing partner at TLDR, who is an expert in crypto advising. He is a leader in the big data, database, and brand tech worlds. Mr. Graham holds a BA, LLB, LLM, and graduated from Harvard Law School and Melbourne University. Through his experience and expertise, he co-founded leaders of crypto initiatives in the marketing and advertising industry. He also co-founded Ma7pD, the world’s leading GPU in-memory database, and Media Protocol, an open source blockchain protocol that gives brands visibility about how consumers interact with and share content.  As a strategic advisor, Mr. Graham will provide advice on the development of blockchain technology and operation, compliance with global regulations, and laws regarding the industry.

Alex Yamashita is a partner and co-founder at TLDR, who is responsible for capital development, strategic partnerships, and new business lines. He holds a BA in Economics from Yale University. Mr. Yamashita was previously employed at Goldman Sachs as an analyst. He also worked at CLSA as VP of Asian Distribution. Mr. Yamashita advised various businesses regarding financial strategies. As an investment advisor, Mr. Yamashita will advise on investments, networking, finance and more.

Graham Friedman is a partner and co-founder at TLDR specializing in bringing messages to actionable content. His background as an NYU Tisch graduate, combined with his involvement in the space, provide him with a unique insight into proper brand messaging for decentralized projects. As a marketing advisor, Mr. Friedman will advise TEMCO on marketing and visual impact of the project.

Scott Yoon, CEO of TEMCO, mentioned, “TLDR is a company that understands cultural differences of the cryptocurrency market and knows the effective approach to building business strategies. With the help of TLDR’s global networking skills, TEMCO can expand its global presence.”

Tom Graham, managing partner of TLDR, said, “TEMCO is an impressive team, and the first RSK project that we’ve worked with. We see numerous problems in the supply chain space that can be solved, or at least facilitated by blockchain applications. TEMCO convinced us that they are capable of taking the next steps in merging these two fields and we are excited to support them in this endeavor.”

TEMCO is developing an innovative blockchain based supply chain management system using RSK blockchain on the bitcoin network. Unlike other supply chain platforms, TEMCO is also developing a business intelligence tool and consumer application.


TEMCO is a supply chain platform that connects isolated supply chain systems and offers real-time data services through their business intelligence tool and consumer application. Using the Rootstock (RSK) blockchain, TEMCO helps companies operate more efficiently and aims to overcome the flaws in existing supply chain management systems which have resulted in recent widespread uncertainties and rising fears in product quality.

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