Move Aside Tom Lee: A Texas Psychic Claims To Predict Crypto Prices Accurately

Have you been wondering which way the crypto market is going to swing? Maybe you are pondering on the best cryptos to buy, and when. No need to analyze the trends anymore. For a fee of $15 every month, you can get accurate advice on which cryptos are going to blow up.

This is according to Sharon Michelle, a resident of Galveston in Texas. Michelle claims to have been conversing with “Spirit Guides” for the past forty years. In this time, she has endeavored to use her ‘gift’ to help those in need. And now, she helps the crypto community predict the future of the market.

Michelle has previously uploaded videos on YouTube for the past year. The videos have been few, but she promises to continue using the platform to help her followers. It’s on Patreon, a subscription content platform, that she has doubled down on. For $15 a month, her patrons receive detailed information that she describes as “fresh and current.”

As she explains on her Patreon page, she started receiving insight about cryptos a year ago. The “spirit” uses different colors to signify various coins, she states. They give her insight on which coins her subscribers should buy, when to buy them and when to sell them. However, this is not all.

She states:

Included will be, not only Cryptocurrency information, but things like current events from Spirit ’s perspective, economic trends, teaching instructions on how to improve your own psychic decision making, and powerful healing techniques. The list of things I have to show you goes on and on.

Move Over Tom Lee

Convincing as she may sound to some, Michelle is taking on a Herculean task. Many industry titans have attempted to make crypto predictions in the past, and a great many have failed, terribly. One of the most renowned predictions is that of Fundstrat’s Tom Lee. Lee predicted that bitcoin would hit $25,000 by the end of 2018. As we now know, he was terribly wrong. Mike Novogratz and eToro’s Mati Greenspan have also tried their hand, but they have all failed to predict the future.

So what makes a task that’s impossible by some of the most experienced and brilliant financial minds so easy for Michelle? Well, the spirits guide her, she says.

However, a lot of people have branded her as a fraud who preys on people’s greed. Many have also heavily criticized her very little knowledge of the crypto trends and of the industry in general.

On one of her videos on YouTube, one user commented:

She lied big time, none of her predictions came true resulting in ruining and destroying countless innocents families and individual life to make some money from her youtube scam. She got the cheek to make a comeback with her gang to screw more fools with her scam knowing nothing could change the current downtrend bear market

However, there are those who have commended her courage and encouraged her to continue sharing. Can Michelle really offer the much elusive insight on the future of the crypto market? Be the judge.


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