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The Community-Driven TRON Mobile App Goes Live for Everyone on Android

Mobile applications can bring a lot of positive attention to cryptocurrency ecosystems. In the case of TRON, there is a community-developed app which is gaining a lot of interest,

Until recently, the beta testing of this application was accessible to users.

The TRON Mobile App Exits Beta Testing

Now that the period has been wrapped up, the application is made available to the general public.

There are several reasons as to why this app is so popular.

It allows users to earn TRX – which are actually paid out – in exchange for playing games, viewing ads, and opening the app on a regular basis. 

This is quite a simple concept, but one that can bring a lot of attention to TRON.

After all, everyone wants to earn some “free” money for doing as little as possible.

It is possible that other altcoins will effectively introduce similar apps to their communities over time. 

With over 30,000 TRX paid out to users already, it is a very successful offering. 

This concept is not unlike how Bitcoin faucets used to operate.

Most of those platforms were ad-supported, and rewarded users for clicking the advertisements accordingly. 

To attract newcomers to this industry, efforts like these can play a crucial role in the years to come. 


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