NulLTX Cryptsy-Coinbase Lawsuit

The Lawsuit Involving Tether and Bitfinex has Been Re-submitted

Bitfinex and Tether have come under  a lot of scrutiny in recent years. So much even that an official lawsuit was filed against both of these companies.

Both Tether and Bitfinex were allegedly involved in bitcoin price manipulation.

The Tether Manipulation Lawsuit is Revised

Those claims have never been officially proven, nor will they anytime soon. 

The good news for both companies is how their lawsuit has been revised.

That doesn’t mean the entire suit is off the table, however.

Its previous iteration was withdrawn by the initial plaintiffs.

A slightly revised version is now available which cites a different plaintiff.

It also appears the revised version is filed in a different jurisdiction.

This goes to show that there are still multiple people who don’t trust neither Bitfinex nor Tether.

That is their right, although taking both companies to court might not yield much of a result.

Why the case has been revised, is anyone’s guess at this point.

Tether has tried to get all of its lawsuits dismissed, yet this one has stuck around.

In the revised version,, it will go through all of the motions once again.

As such, any verdict or resolution can take months, if not years, to materialize.

It is an interesting development, albeit there is no guarantee that anything will ever come of it. 


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