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The Litecoin Foundation is Building a new iOS Wallet for LTC

Mobile cryptocurrency wallets continue to play a role of importance. It now appears that litecoin users can expect a new iOS wallet in the near future. 

There is always room for competition among mobile altcoin wallets.

New iOS Wallet for Litecoin

In the case of litecoin, that new wallet will be introduced by the Litecoin Foundation itself.

It is currently in the testing phase, as a release candidate has been made publicly available. 

Interested users can partake in its testing by signing up through Apple’s Testflight platform. 

This announcement is timely, as some users struggle with other wallets.

One Reddit user claims that Loaf is not working as it should as of late. 

Even so, there are other solutions available.

With this new wallet, it will be interesting to see how the community responds.

The past few years haven’t been easy for this popular altcoin.

Charlie Lee confirming he cashed out at the top has created a lot of band blood, although it is time to get over it. 

There are also those who claim litecoin has little to no active development.

The development of this new wallet confirms the Foundation still has big plans for the future. 

What that future will bring exactly, remains to be seen.

It appears that a strong focus is put on bringing privacy features to litecoin first and foremost. 


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