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The Circulating Litecoin Supply Surpasses 64 Million LTC

Litecoin remains one of the most popular alternative cryptocurrencies on the market. The network achieved another milestone as over 64 million LTC have been put in circulation so far. 

It has been an interesting year for litecoin, albeit not an eventful one.

Over 64 Million Litecoin in Circulation

Not too many things happened for this altcoin, resulting in its price dropping lower.

Even the recent block reward halving has not kept investors engaged for long.

That doesn’t mean the network isn’t worth paying attention to, however.

Late last week, the 64 millionth LTC saw the light of day.

Similar to bitcoin, the majority of the litecoin supply has now been mined.

Remaining LTC will be distributed among miners over the next 120 years. 

What all of this means for the LTC price, has yet to be determined.

With over three times the current supply of bitcoin, one has to wonder how things will evolve for litecoin.

In the price department, it seems unlikely that any real changes will be noted.

That is, unless bitcoin were to reach a new all-time high soon.

When that happens, all of the alternative markets tend to benefit as well.

Reaching this milestone shows that LTC has survived despite some very steep odds.

Regardless of how one feels about litecoin, it still remains a project with a very big community.

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