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The ShitCoin Wallet Browser Extension Injects Malicious JavaScript Code

Cryptocurrency users are often the victim of malicious software. One particular browser extension, known as ShitCoin Wallet, needs to be avoided at all cost. 

With a name such as ShitCoin Wallet, it is rather apparent nothing good will come of it.

ShitCoin Wallet is a Real Threat

This is a browser extension available to both Chrome and Brave browsers.

It turns out that this extension injects malicious JavaScript in one’s browser.

Through this code, it seeks to obtain information pertaining to MyEtherwallet, Binance, and others. 

All of these services have proven to be rather popular among crypto enthusiasts.

The code itself can be found in this Twitter post.

It appears that the criminals advertise the code through the ERC20Wallet domain, which makes use of the free .tk extension.

For novice users, this creates a very genuine threat.

Experienced enthusiasts will not fall victim to such an elaborate scheme, in most cases.

Newcomers, however, may find themselves visiting the wrong website or installing the wrong browser extension rather quickly.

It is crucial to let people know this malicious offering is freely accessible.

Over the years, many of these malicious software packages have come and gone in the crypto world.

It remains unclear if this ShitCoin Wallet extension has caused any financial loss for cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the globe.


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