The Swiss Asian Resources Was Created by Blue Hill Foundation to Run and Execute Their Liquidity System

The Swiss Asian Resources was created out of a professional obligation to identify a reliable strategic counterpart in the complex world of the global mining industry.

Even from the debut, the Blue Hill Foundation set out with a marvelous goal to accomplish, which is to initiate, develop and implement a solid strategic partner, which could take the form of specialized smelters, global banks as well as numerous mining logistics firms.

The Birth of Swiss Asian Resources

Considering the idea that the immense mining industry can sometimes be extremely diverse and because of the huge amount of brands that can interfere with mining or other financial operations important steps had to be taken to simplify this process in order to cut losses and improve efficiency.

There are many different international and domestic laws for the projects to uphold that require a strategic entity to ensure fluidity in the processes of taking companies closer and faster to their objectives with exceptional management for the liquidity system.

In order to ensure a serious commitment the Blue Hill Foundation took one step beyond into professionalism and created its strategic partner called the Swiss Asian Resources and entrusted it the mission of fully and accomplishing with perfection all manner of projects that it encapsulates and represents in the global market.

Without a strategic partner Blue Hill Foundation decided to deploy all effort in turning this into a reality by creating its partnership which will be empowered to gather all the necessary licenses and permits from the different bureaucratic stages, this partner is called the Swiss Asian Resources and its main mission is to accompany and enforce any project and its purposes towards a new standard of efficiency.

About Their Efficiency and Dynamic

Developing such a dynamic project means that the ecosystems need to stay closer together in this journey and because of this a new set of financial alliances and economic partnerships have to be initiated. The reason is that in cases like this, each part has the obligation to handle a certain task within the map of objectives for the project.

Blue Hill Foundation has planned to make use of distressed mines for exploration, exploitation or to sell them thus acquiring the liquidity necessary to boost the project and achieve its overall goal.

About Their Technology

Swiss Asian Resources will use only top of the line geological scanning technology which will be more than able to cut down costs and it will also ensure the celerity of the exploration process.

The Swiss Asian Resources encapsulates a portfolio of mining exploration licenses such as:

  • 8.865 hectare Nickel, Cobalt and Manganese license number XV-017877
  • 1,318 hectare Gold and Zinc license number XV-019281
  • 4,660 hectares Gold & Copper license numbers XV-020817, XV-020751, and XV-017894

Some of which are integrated parts of the liquidity system.

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