NullTX Toilet Anus Camera

This Smart Toilet Comes with a Dedicated Anus Camera

Many devices used by society on a regular basis have become smarter in recent years. It now appears that toilets will receive a similar overhaul, all in an effort to improve public health.

The concept of a toilet has not changed all that much over the past few decades.

A Smart Toilet With an Anus Camera

Other than a separation of regular toilets and bidets, very little has come to pass.

In Japan, however, toilets are far more advanced compared to what is being used in the Western world.

That situation may come to change, at least if Stanford scientists get their way.

In a new research paper, they propose the use of a system capable of tracking urination and defecation.

Any data collected will be sent to specialists and researchers to be analyzed for the purpose of public health.

Known as the Precision Health Toilet, it will be equipped with four cameras.

This allows the toilet to analyze urine and stool, which can then be classified.

The system used to analyze the data is built using a deep learning approach, which will ensure it keeps growing and evolving as more urine and stool is analyzed. 

What makes the device unique is how it will also have an anus camera, which will undoubtedly make many people uncomfortable. 

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