TokenGet – Turnkey ICO Platform celebrates 40 ICOs

Tokenget – the turnkey ICO platform has managed to launch 40 ICOs and has big news for the next 10 ICOs. After reaching an important milestone, we are pleased to announce that the next ten Initial Coin Offerings would be able to launch at huge discount.  

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40 ICOs & huge discount for the next 10

Launching and maintaining 40 ICO has not been an easy task to manage, so we think this is a great milestone to celebrate.  

This month Tokenget – the Turnkey ICO platform celebrates launching 40 ICOs with its solution. We have helped 40 companies get funding to disrupt industries like travel, banks, hotels, fintech, insurance and many more. Tokenget has evolved to become the most advanced platform on the market or as some Dean McClelland from TontineTrust says: “You have the Maybach of the platforms”. Launching 40 ICOs has thought us how to tweak our platform, so ICO owners can get 25% better results than other ICOs.

In May, Tokenget is willing to celebrate this special moment by offering to launch the next 10 ICOs with heavy discount. Tokenget has created a pleasing to the eye platform and we believe we should help companies grow their communities or reach their Soft caps, so they can embark on their journey to make our lives easier by offering great products.

At Tokenget we believe that ICOs should evolve, be prepared and offer better products before their meet their investors and users. This is why we will be working even harder to bring great projects to use our ICO turnkey platform.

TokenGet is rich on features

Of course, if they claim to be the most advance platform on the market, the team needs to prove that. TokenGet’s list of the helpful tools that it offers to ICO owners include:

Integrated KYC/AML – Have your KYC and AML checks in one place, secure and GDPR compliant.

Accepting 12+ cryptocurrencies – Accept all major cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens as payment method. This guarantees much better conversion rates and less hustle for users.

Bounty tools – No longer spreadsheets, automate hundreds of hours of manual work.

Airdrop management – TokenGet automatically detects all users’ activity in social networks and calculates a number of dedicated tokens.

Investor dashboard – Customizable investor dashboard that would make your investors feel secure.

Marketing module – One place to monitor to ROI of your marketing campaigns. No more marketing money spent without your monitoring how the marketing money are spent.

Syndication tools – Invite big syndicate groups and private investors to invest in your project and let them get their share in secure way.

Referrals – Setup referral bonus for your investors that are automatically distributed after every crowdsale stage.

CMS & Translations – Get the platform translated in 20+ languages.

40 ICOs & few of our notable projects

TokenGet is proud to have launched so many notable ICOs. The The list of Tokenget ICO projects include:

  • Omnitude.tech – Blockchain Solutions that Integrate Enterprise Systems, Supply chains and eCommerce Platforms
  • Banca.World – Cryptocurrency Community Platform Based on AI and Big Data
  • BetterBetting – Betting Currency of the Future
  • Peculium – First Savings System In Cryptocurrency
  • Vanig – The World’s First Integrated E-commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem
  • Bidooh – Decentralizing Digital Billboard
  • Immvr.se – Disrupting the VR Industry
  • B21 – Your Personal Wealth Manager for Cryptoassets

Games experts and entrepreneur experts at helm

The creators of TokenGet are entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in managing one of the biggest freemium games in the world with 50 million users. They have created many complex and secure infrastructure to accommodate big gaming projects.

They decided to create TokenGet – the turnkey ICO platform, after seeing that there is no such platform to serve the exact need of Initial Coin Offerings. TokenGet became a platform that has all the necessary tools an ICO owner would need to launch secure and compliant ICO.

TokenGet is proud to have no technical problems or downtimes. This created long-term partnership with their current ICOs.

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