Tomochain and ORCA Alliance shake hands, begin working together

ORCA Alliance, an Open Banking platform for technology-led personal finance pivots and relocates development plans to Tomochain. A technologically-advanced blockchain infrastructure fulfills multiple needs that ORCA can utilize during development.

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Tomochain’s infrastructure has few-second transaction confirmation times with minimal fees allowing ORCA to benefit from its high throughput system. A key function of ORCA’s token is to act as a vehicle that authenticates transactions between different service terminals through APIs allowing information exchange.

The circumstances are optimal for the tool ORCA is building. Tomochain’s infrastructure is fully compatible with Ethereum blockchain meaning that all applications developed for Ethereum work perfectly with Tomochain through cross-chain smart contracts. It, therefore, provides access to both ecosystems.

The users at the same time will be able to enjoy the efficiencies of fast and reliable performance manifested through sending and receiving financial information through the network’s internal gateways.

Tomochain is laying the groundwork for the Internet of Value infrastructure to help bring efficiency to the way modern people transfer value – digital money. Tomochain is now approaching its 3-millionth block at an average block time of 2s.

Tomochain has succeeded to raise funding through ICO in spring and has a well-established community of supporters and a seasoned team of versed developers.

“Tomochain just offers a protocol superior in ways which suit our project precisely. Operations inside our platform will be executed in ORCA tokens. Using Tomochain’s virtually feeless infrastructure we will be able to avoid the problem of paying a fee for a fee. It’s a natural synergy and we’re very excited about this deal.” – noted Natan Avidan, co-founder, and CEO of ORCA Alliance.

To celebrate the partnership ORCA is going to be accepting TOMO tokens during their token sale offering an extra 5% bonus as an incentive for contributions made in the partner’s native currency. ORCA Alliance and has attracted investments from various funds such as Amplifi Capital, AlphaChain and Connect Capital in the private sale rounds.

ORCA Alliance is developing an Open Banking platform – a complete ecosystem of digital financial services interacting with each other using API terminals. Due to favorable regulatory developments in Europe, ORCAs application will allow implementing bank accounts, software wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges and other financial services into a unifying biosphere for the ultimate convenience.

Ensuring connection: L. Vuong, co-founder of NEM blockchain and CEO of Tomochain joins ORCA Alliance for an advisory role

Long Vuong is an established technology architect in the Asian market, considered to be a crypto celebrity in certain regions. He is the former CEO of a consumer app for vendor rating and discount facilitation and one of NEM’s founding fathers as he acted as the project lead of the NEM blockchain in the early days as a part of his Ph.D. candidacy in the University of Massachusetts in 2014. NEM has a market capitalization just south of $1.6 billion.

Long Vuong shared: “I think ORCA Alliance is one of the best crypto projects out of Europe in recent months. The beta product is really promising, and users can easily transfer money from crypto to bank account/ debit to fund purchases in just seconds. Integration with Tomochain will make the conversion speed even faster and an overall experience seamless. I am very excited to work with Natan, CEO of Orca Alliance, and his talented team, to open a new area of personal finance to millions of users worldwide”.  

Long’s invaluable experience and area-specific expertise help guide ORCA on the way to platform deployment. It’s a big credibility boost allowing ORCA Alliance to enjoy a plethora of benefits brought about Tomochain’s first-rate system and get knowledgeable insights from an experienced technologist and product manager.

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