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Top 3 Cryptocurrency Blockchain-based Games You Must Check Out

Cryptocurrency gaming, aka blockchain gaming is a new development style for online games. These games are actually dApps hosted mostly on either the Ethereum or EOS blockchains. The benefit of crypto games is that items, characters, currency, accounts, an all other aspects of the game are hardcoded into a global public blockchain. This means that your game assets are essentially tokens that you have full control over. Because you have full ownership, nobody can take away your game’s assets. Moreover, blockchain based gaming has much better protection against cheaters, since the blockchain verifies each action.

Enough boring talk, let’s take a look at a few awesome blockchain based games that you should definitely check out:

#1 CryptantCrab

This is a personal favorite of mine. CryptantCrab is an Ethereum blockchain based game where you have a set of crabs that fight other crabs in the arena. Each team has two crabs and each crab regenerates 1 stamina every 4 hours, for a maximum of 6 stamina.

cryptantcrab arena

When you send your crabs to fight, you accumulate arena points and experience. The arena lasts for 4 days and the higher you score the better the rewards are. As your crabs level up they get stronger, which helps you win better prizes.

Each crab has four bodyparts which you can upgrade, a full set makes the crab even more powerful. There is a lot more to this game, but it’s my favorite because it doesn’t cost anything to send your crabs to fight. You can simply purchase 2 crabs and level them up, then sell them for a profit. Check out my let’s play for Cryptantcrab if you want to see a more detailed explanation of how everything works.

#2 Prospectors

Prospectors is an EOS blockchain-based game where you have a set of workers that make you gold. Think of it as a hybrid between Runescape and Age of Empires. As you accumulate more gold you can buy various tools to perform higher paying jobs. The gold you collect can be sold for real money on an exchange, or be used to rent properties and earn gold from others.


My favorite part of the game is For more info on the game, check out this awesome medium article from the Prospectors team on How to make a powerful start in Prospectors.

#3 EOSKnights

As the name suggests, EOSKnights is an EOS blockchain based game where you have a Knight, a Mage and an Archer that continuously fight enemies. Once your character dies, you can revive him. The idea here is to get as far as possible in one life. The farther you go the better chance you have of receiving useful items that you can use to upgrade your character.


My favorite part of the game is how relatively simple it is. Moreover, knowing that you have full ownership of the characters give me more of a sense of pride for my account. If you’re a fan of RPG or MMORPG games, EOSKnights is definitely worth checking out. For a more detailed overview of EOSKnights check out this awesome beginners guide on EOSKnights from grintsch on steemit.

What’s your favorite blockchain game? Let me know in the comment section below!

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