Top 3 Cryptos To Look at After January’s Correction

New year, new dreams, new chances. While Bitcoin struggles at around $40,000 in the middle of January 2022, we are looking for some promising alts, and let us tell you where we see the next ’boom.’

Coins on a TOP exchange are often already so profitable that you wish you knew about them before they got listed. Well, from now, we might be excepting a more significant growth on these projects, so keep an eye on them:

1, Polygon (Matic)

polygon logo featured


Almost everybody here already knows Polygon, so there is no need for much introduction. Yet if you take a look at Matic’s Market Cap and put a comparison between Polygon and Ethereum, you can see there is a lot of room for Matic to grow still.

With the Polygon chain becoming more and more popular, we are in a safe place to call Matic an excellent investment for the year 2022.

Suppose NFTs are growing like this in the future. In that case, Matic can make a significant profit because, for example, on one of the biggest NFT marketplaces, OpenSea, you can already use the Polygon blockchain. And more popular the NFT market means the more popular the Polygon chain.

Overall, Polygon has already had considerable growth, but if you compare MATIC with the other big alts, it still has quite a significant potential to explode in value.

Our guess: We would say Matic has a chance to grow 3-5x in this upcoming year.

Polygon is available at Binance, CoinBase, Kraken, Gate.io

2, KRYZA Network


Our dream is to catch a top100 coin before they hit top1000, right? Well, right now, luck might be with you on this one.

KRYZA Network is a social platform connected to its crypto-exchange (KRZYZA Exchange) and it is trying to revolutionize and speed up the global adaption of cryptocurrencies. The network is running as a beta version, and it will have a large educational material for its users that will teach them about crypto. After a successful learning process, users can access KRYZA Exchange to try out the learned topics in practice on their exchange developed by the team itself.

KRN and KRX (the two tokens of the project) have great potential especially if you listen to the news. There are rumors that they are talking about a TOP5 crypto-exchange listing which would hype up the price incredibly. But even without the listing, the price should go up extremely high when the project comes out with its development.

You can already try out the beta version of this social platform. DYOR here: https://www.kryza.io/

KRN’s ATH is at $0.00002737 while now being traded for $0.00000035 per piece and it can be a great addition to your portfolio since it has climbed more than 40% in the past week.

Our guess: When every development is coming out for KRYZA, we can imagine a huge, even 10-20x growth in its price.

KRN is available at: HotBit

KRX is available at IndoEx

3, Terra (Luna)

Terra Luna

Terra can also sound familiar if you have listened to the news in late 2021 because this project is right after an incredible run. This project is trying to revolutionize the stabile coin system with its decentralized stabile coin called ’UST.’

Luna just started from a few cents in early 2021 and reached an All Time High $103.33 and right now, it is being traded for $53.04.

Luna can be a great business in 2022, too. We think it is not the end of its run because of the continuous developments, and it is just getting into people’s ears, so watch out.

Our guess: Terra is still in an early phase, so it is pretty easy to imagine Luna making a 3x this year.

Luna is available at Binance, KuCoin.

Thank you for reading, and we hope that the year 2022 will be just as bright and profitable as 2021 was.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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