Top 4 Cryptocurrency PoS Solutions in 2018

Getting consumers and retailers to deal with cryptocurrency payments has been a very big challenge. This is primarily because there are not many cryptocurrency-oriented point-of-sale payment solutions out there. The following companies – listed alphabetically – are trying to change that, but there is still a long way to go.

4. BitcoinPay

One has to acknowledge BitcoinPay may have a lot of potential when it comes to point of sale transactions. Although it is not a hardware solution, it is a professional PoS application which can unlock a lot of new business opportunities down the line. BitcoinPay is integrated into LILKA, a professional PoS app designed for both tablets and phones.

What is perhaps the biggest selling point of BitcoinPay is that its integration with LIKA lets retailers accept cash, Bitcoin, and credit card payments alike. There is also an HTML version of the application for those who do not like downloading the iOS, Android, or Windows app. It’s a very versatile solution which may get a lot more retailers excited about cryptocurrency.

3. CoinGate

CoinGate is another company developing its own Bitcoin point of sale application. Any business with a recent Android or iOS device can install the application and accept Bitcoin payments on the fly. The app can also be accessed through one’s web browser and offers all of the functionality one could be looking for. It is another viable option to get cryptocurrency to the masses.

2. CortexPay

For retailers seeking a more professional solution, CortexPay by General Bytes has a lot to offer. It is a physical point of sale payment device which focuses on ease-of-use through its forked version of the Android operating system. The platform supports payments and purchases involving Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin. It is a somewhat expensive device at $649, but it can be worth the investment.

1. Mini-PoS

Big was people’s surprise when the company known as Mini-PoS unveiled its payment terminal for Bitcoin Cash. Up to this point, Bitcoin Cash has not even come close to gaining the traction of Bitcoin, even though it still makes for a more than accessible payment method. Mini-PoS is in the process of shipping payment terminals, so these units may show up across the world fairly soon.

More importantly, this unit allows for zero-confirmation BCH transactions. As such, there are no delays when completing transactions, which can be quite beneficial to retailers and consumers alike. Zero-confirmation transactions are always considered risky, and they should be considered as such.

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