Top 6 Binary Trading Platforms With Bitcoin Support

Many investment vehicles exist to make the trading of Bitcoin easier and more approachable. Binary options linked to Bitcoin are quite popular these days, even though there are still a lot of potential risks users need to take into account. The following companies are listed alphabetically and are not officially endorsed by NullTX or its employees.

6. 1XBit

A relatively unknown platform, 1XBit is making a name for itself in the world of Bitcoin binary options. Although it does not offer a demo account and only supports 4 tradable assets, the platform has a fair bit of potential. Having been in operation for several years, the platform is still going strong. The firm also provides sportsbook services for Bitcoin enthusiasts, which is well worth taking into account.

5. Avatrade

Although Avatrade supports both options and binary trading pertaining to Bitcoin, it is one of the companies which doesn’t accept Bitcoin payments directly. At the same time, this is a regulated brokerage service provider, so it’s only natural that they’d prefer to err on the side of caution until proper Bitcoin regulation is established.

4. BinaryMate

For most people, the name BinaryMate will not necessarily ring any bells. That is only natural, as the firm was not originally designed to get in on the cryptocurrency action. Even so, it now supports Bitcoin deposits, and lets speculators explore indices, stocks, binary options, and so forth. There are plenty of offerings to choose from, depending upon one’s preferences.

3. BitMex

For those who assumed BitMex was just a cryptocurrency exchange, the truth is very different. This company, while currently not enjoying the best of reputations, supports binary options as well as margin trading. With six tradable assets, it seems to offer something for most cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Additionally, its advanced trading features include trailing top orders and take-profit limit orders.

2. Coinut

Another platform making the rounds in the world of binary options and futures contracts pertaining to cryptocurrencies is Coinut. Like BitMex, it supports six tradable assets, and the platform has an interface which is relatively easy to navigate. Security-wise, the platform supports 2FA, which is no unnecessary luxury when dealing with cryptocurrencies in this day and age.

1. WhaleClub

Nearly everyone involved with Bitcoin or altcoins will know the name WhaleClub. The platform offers anonymous trading of binary options, forex, ladder options, and both short and long-term trading. It supports several dozen assets, including most of the top cryptocurrencies. This is also one of the more professional trading platforms on the market today, and benefits from one of the better reputations as well.

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