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Top 4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your IEO Marketing

IEO marketing is tough and highly competitive. Sometimes a little bit of inspiration and tweaks here and there can help boost the impact of your marketing campaigns. 

In this article, we share the top tips for maximizing the results of your IEO marketing campaigns.

Focus on the unique selling point

Unless your project is completely innovative, you’re probably competing with thousands of other projects all doing the same thing. The challenge is to make your project seem superior to the rest. Consider the major pain point of your target market and figure out how to alleviate it. Once you narrow in on that aspect of your project that’s the main way to market your company. For example, if your competitors are charging high fees on their platform, offer a low-fee alternative and promote your IEO as such. 

Communicate regularly with your fans

Communication is key to IEO marketing. Whether it is through social media or blogging, the team must regularly communicate and update the community about the project’s progress. A blog is also useful in providing technical documentation and technology overviews so that investors can have a better understanding of your project. Social media also allows you to share quick updates and provide additional information to investors.

Grow an email list

It is important to encourage your customers to sign up for your newsletter as this creates a private, personalized communication channel. Growing an email list is necessary to build a relationship with potential investors in an intimate way. This helps build trust and connection. Since you already know what they like, you can deliver them highly relevant offers to get better results.  Email marketing should be a top priority of the IEO marketing strategy. 

Personalize communication

When you are collecting community feedback or trying to solve their problems people are more likely to cooperate and engage when they believe someone just like them is on the other side. Community members want to know the real you. They don’t want to talk to the brand, they want to talk to a human. Always sign off emails with your real names. Speak to fans and community members through your real names. This will not only strengthen business-to-customer relationship but it also sets the foundation for the long-term success of the project.

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