Top 5 BullPerks Launchpad Tokens by Market Cap to Watch in October 2022

BullPerks Launchpad is the fairest and most community-oriented decentralized VC and multichain launchpad. BullPerks, dedicated to user protection, thoroughly investigates all projects to present only the best bargains, resulting in considerable profits for their community’s members. BullPerks Launchpad Tokens have a total market capitalization of $94,757,785 and a total trading volume of $10,874,915.

Note: The tokens are ordered by their market capitalization from lowest to highest


  • Unit Price: $0.06035
  • Market Cap: $626,493
  • Distinct Features: The HUSL, which was introduced in September 2021, uses blockchain and NFTS technology to enable musicians to fundamentally alter the way they interact with their fans all around the world. The HUSL returns control to the creative, allowing them to interact on their terms and will.

HUSL is a platform for creators and where users worldwide can upload their most recent songs as NFTs.

The HUSL’s global marketplace is made to highlight musicians and provide them with a platform to display their talent. The HUSL marketplace is where users can publish their creative products and allow the world to view and buy them, including music photos, records, and instrumentals.

The HUSL allows artists to exhibit their work in their featured artist section to draw more attention to their NFT drop. You will receive particular consideration and visibility here, allowing you the opportunity to be seen and heard. Minting NFTs enables artists to submit their NFTs independently without needing code. 

Exchange: HUSL is currently trading live on Bitrue, MEXC, PancakeSwap (V2), and Uniswap (V2) with a 24-hour trading volume of $138,225.

Polker (PKR)

  • Unit Price: $0.007272
  • Market Cap: $1,070,034
  • Distinct Features: Along with safeguarding investors against dubious ideas and underhanded tactics, the platform supports the expansion of start-ups with legitimate use cases.

Some patented protocols drive the PKR (PKR) global utility token movement, which aims to solve prevalent issues in the blockchain sector. The ecosystem is trying to establish a real random number generator, ensure fair gameplay for online gaming, help introduce interoperability to the cryptocurrency scene, and create a safe atmosphere for the entry of new projects in the sector.

Before developing into a multifaceted ecosystem, Polker, a cryptocurrency poker gaming protocol, was PKR’s primary objective. 

Polker.game is the first NFT, play-to-earn blockchain game currently powered by PKR. It enables all users to trade, pay, create, and play across their supported cryptocurrency networks, including investors, crypto fans, gamers, and developers.

Exchange: PKR is currently trading live on MEXC, BitMart, Uniswap (V3), Uniswap (V2), and Bittrex with a 24-hour trading volume of $341,079.

MetagamZ (METAG)

  • Unit Price: $0.0002099
  • Market Cap: $2,071,302
  • Distinct Features: In the MetagamZ metaverse, players can enter buildings to watch and interact with specific VR experiences before launching into the games of their choice.

A “Metaverse of Games,” or MetagamZ, is an immersive virtual world where game creators can create and publish games with various value-added DeFi features that boost value for the community by making it more decentralized, open, and user-experience-focused.

In the metaverse, gamers can participate in their favorite games and receive rewards and assets (NFTs), while investors and token holders profit from virtual land ownership, leasing, and advertising.

With the aid of the MetagamZ platform, small, medium, and large game publishing companies can publish their games and transform standard online games into crypto games. The trust and transparency of the MetagamZ umbrella allow players to find and enjoy the most exciting and worthwhile games.

Exchange: METAG is currently trading live on Gate.io and TraderJoe with a 24-hour trading volume of $18,097.39.

SolChicks Token (CHICKS)

  • Unit Price: $0.003991
  • Market Cap: $2,546,407
  • Distinct Features: In this innovative, disruptive gaming paradigm, participants will be compensated for their time and dedication to the cryptocurrency game.

One of the Best Play To Earn Crypto Games, SolChicks features great PvP gaming.

Our goal is to establish the Solana blockchain as the premier ecosystem for fantasy NFT PvP and P2E gaming.

The team based the design of their blockchain game on the endearing SolChick NFT trinkets, which players can combine to create characters in a unique gaming metaverse.

The team recently launched the Catheon Gaming Ecosystem as they continue to build the most comprehensive gaming ecosystem in the industry. The SolChicks $CHICKS will be rebranded and relaunched as $CATHEON, which will be used across the newly launched Catheon Gaming ecosystem.

Exchange: $CHICK is currently trading live on MEXC, DigiFinex, Gate.io, BitMart, and Jupiter with a 24-hour trading volume of $856,842.

BullPerks (BLP)

  • Unit Price: $0.03358
  • Market Cap: $2,755,435
  • Distinct Features: The level and quantity of tokens will be examined every two months and, if necessary, altered in response to price increases. New Bulls will be able to join the club, and the difficulty for Bulls to transfer between Tiers will be reduced

Bullperks is a group of like-minded people who wish to pool their resources and invest in the greatest initiatives on par with venture capitalists.

To generate significant profits for both BullPerks investors and partner projects, the team aims to offer equal chances for retail customers to participate in the most influential cryptocurrency initiatives.

BullPerks is rapidly evolving into a fully chain-agnostic platform, providing its passionate community with the best crypto investment prospects of the coming decade. They will incorporate several chains, including but not limited to Cardano, Tezos, Solana, BNB Chain, and Ethereum.

Exchange: BLP is currently trading live on MEXC, BitMart with a 24-hour trading volume of $142,434.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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