Top 5 Community Developed TRON Wallets

Being part of the cryptocurrency community means users need to set up a proper wallet for the currency they are supporting. In most cases, that is not too much of a problem, as numerous offerings exist to accommodate users. For TRON users, the following community-developed wallets are always worth giving a try.

#5 TronWatch

Another desktop wallet solution for TRX holders comes in the form of TronWatch. Even though the application is only in beta as of right now, it offers plenty of functionality for users to benefit from whenever the need arises. Users can also suggest features to the developers, which is a rather interesting turn of event usually not found within other wallet ecosystems. The developers admit the wallet can still contain bugs, thus storing large amounts of TRON in this wallet may not be the best idea.

#4 Dreyc’s Android Wallet

Tackling the mobile aspect of cryptocurrency wallets is always a bit of a challenge. The Tron Android wallet developed by Dryec offers users all of the functionality they are looking for. It supports all basic functions, as well as options to freeze TRX, submitting votes, and participation on token distributions. The wallet has three key modules, including the wallet, transaction, and block explorer module. All of the code is completely open source and can be found on GitHub.

#3 Tronscan

As the name would suggest, Tronscan is not just a TRX wallet solution. It is also a platform which collects all statistics pertaining to the TRON ecosystem, including blocks, transactions, and so forth. On the wallet side, the platform offers a web wallet, which should give users a solution to store their TRX wallet in a convenient manner. A desktop application of the tool was released as well, for the users who prefer that particular option.

#2 NewHorizonLabs’ iOS Wallet

Apple device users often find themselves at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to cryptocurrency wallets. This is especially true when it comes to altcoins, which tend to struggle for Apple approval these days. In the case of TRX-Wallet, it is an open source wallet for the iOS network, which has been around for a little while. Its supported services also include offline signing mechanism, token distribution participation, and submitting votes for representatives.

#1 Gettyio’s Android Wallet

Another mobile wallet for the Android ecosystem was introduced rather recently. TronWallet is an open source decentralized P2P wallet for the TRON network. Its code can be found on GitHub, although the app will show up in the Google Play Store as well. It offers all of the features one would like to see, including PIN security and a 12-word mnemonic seed for wallet recovery. More competition among mobile solutions is always a good thing, especially for TRON users.

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