Top 5 Gambling Tokens by Market Cap to Watch in October 2022

Gambling Tokens are in-game currency used to run decentralized gambling platforms, which can be exchanged for cash. Blockchain is also being employed to disrupt conventional gambling platforms. Top Gambling Tokens have a growing total market capitalization of $136,527,729 and a total trading volume of $5,440,435.

Note: The tokens are ordered by their market capitalization from lowest to highest.

Wagerr (WGR)

  • Unit Price: $0.006161
  • Market Cap: $1,331,724
  • Distinct Features: Wagerr is secure and transparent thanks to blockchain technology. Every bet is validated using cryptographic security and every transaction is recorded on the public ledger.

Wagerr is a blockchain-based sportsbook that operates on a global decentralized network. It’s privacy-focused and users can place bets anywhere with the best chances.

Oracles collect real-world athletic event data and submit results to the blockchain. The Wagerr network uses this data to trigger payouts for winning bet contracts.

Being the owner of a Wagerr Oracle is akin to “Being the House” or running a sportsbook. The Oracles receive a share of all winning bets through the Wagerr network. While gamblers wager on uncertain events, bookkeepers wager on a sure thing: fees. With more betting action, the larger the Oracle awards.

Exchange: WGR is currently trading live on Crex24, PancakeSwap and Beaxy with a 24-hour trading volume of $653.62. 


  • Unit Price: $0.006793
  • Market Cap: $1,688,618
  • Distinct Features: The HERO ecosystem incorporates projects from several industries, such as iGaming, esports, and NFTs to create its own Metaverse. Each project uses HEROcoin (PLAY) in a unique way.

HEROcoin is an ERC20 token that trades under the symbol “PLAY.” Initially intended as a decentralized solution for iGaming, it has developed into a whole ecosystem token over time. 

With the help of HEROcoin, the team and partners are developing many blockchain initiatives in areas like iGaming, esports, NFTs, and metaverse. 

Each of them employs HEROcoin in its own unique method, through staking, as a payment option, as a reward system, or to enable exclusive content. Consider HEROcoin to be a successful network that spans multiple isolated projects.

Exchange: PLAY is currently trading live on KuCoin with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,414.71.


  • Unit Price: $0.04668
  • Market Cap: $5,020,255
  • Distinct Features: BETU tokens can be used for all profits, betting prizes, incentives, staking, burning, whale holder advantages, NFT purchase, and platform governance.

BetU is a cryptocurrency and sports betting platform powered by the BETU Token.

The BetU ecosystem is made up of 3 inter-related platforms:

  • BetU Verse – BetU Verse is a virtual reality platform that allows players to participate in interactive games and activities within a regulated metaverse resort and casino.
  • EarnU – EarnU is a sports and esports prediction game where you may earn money by playing. BETU token holders can participate in the game for free and earn incentives for successful predictions.
  • BetU – BetU is a cryptocurrency and sports betting platform. Powered by the BETU Token and secured by smart contracts. BetU will provide traditional bookmaker services and peer-to-peer betting, resulting in better odds and larger payouts.

The BETU utility token will be the only currency accepted on the platforms. The BETU token will be utilized for all sports, esports, and casino games betting. 

Exchange: BETU is currently trading live on Gate.io, BitMart, and PancakeSwap (V2) with a 24-hour trading volume of $324,029.

CoinPoker (CHP)

  • Unit Price: $0.07085
  • Market Cap: $19,464,006
  • Distinct Features: Their cutting-edge RNG is now completely decentralized. You can see your impact on the card shuffling at any time as a player. This is a revolutionary feature, the first of its type in the business!

CoinPoker, created by an ambitious team of poker enthusiasts, is a groundbreaking blockchain technology-based platform that combines USDT stablecoin as the main in-game currency and CHP as bonusing fuel while providing all the benefits of the crypto world.

The players benefit from instant and safe transactions utilizing USDT, ETH, BTC, or CHP tokens, as well as massive promotions worth hundreds of dollars each week.

Players may access the same tournaments, cash games, and crypto poker experience on the move by downloading CoinPoker’s mobile application. All games are also available on vertical tables.

Exchange: CHP is currently trading live on QuickSwap with a 24-hour trading volume of $24,770.16.

FUNToken (FUN)

  • Unit Price: $0.00727
  • Market Cap: $79,581,511
  • Distinct Features: According to information from the site, FUNToken ownership is kept safe through non-custodial wallets, and also it’s anonymous.

FUNToken is a one-stop gaming token that will provide a transparent, provably fair, and commonly used mechanism for funding and integrating into various gaming activities.

FUNToken aims to change a thriving gambling sector by decreasing friction between operators and players and regaining possession of player funds.

FUNToken is based on standards with its quick, gas-free operation on the Polygon network, and it’s currently available through mobile wallets. This provides a scalable and robust framework for accessing decentralized applications.

Exchange: FUN is currently trading live on Binance, Bitrue, Hotcoin Global, Gate.io, and HitBTC with a 24-hour trading volume of $946,491.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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