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Top 5 Major NANO Developments for September 2018

All cryptocurrencies on the market today need to undergo continuous changes to remain competitive. In the case of NANO, a lot of recent developments show the ecosystem is firing on all cylinders. Several new wallets have been introduced, and it has become a lot more convenient to pay with this currency. The following five developments are well worth keeping an eye on.

#5 BitInka Addition

Getting listed on a cryptocurrency exchange is a great way to expand the presence of any currency. In the case of NANO, the currency got added to BitInka during the month of September. On this exchange, NANO can be traded against the US Dollar, as well as Bitcoin. Its USD pair is not generating the highest liquidity right now, but an extra fiat currency gateway is always welcome for any cryptocurrency.

#4 JNano Client

This is not a new wallet for NANO, yet JNano can make a big impact on the ecosystem moving forward. It is the first Java RPC client which lets users create and sign transactions in the client side. It is also one of the cornerstones of creating a light wallet without requiring too much coding expertise. Making Nano more approachable is the first order of business in an effort to gain more traction.

#3 Natrium Beta Wallet

As is always the case when it comes to mobile cryptocurrency wallets, users need to conduct their own research prior to installing software solutions. Natrium is developed by the BANANO team and offers convenient access to the NANO ecosystem from the comfort of one’s Android device. It provides all of the basic functionality one can need, and its code is fully open sourced on GitHub.

#2 Nanollet

Another wallet solution for NANO comes in the form of Nanollet. This is a rather different offering, as it primarily focuses on providing an ultra-light wallet for the NANO community. It offers plenty of functionality yet only uses 20MB of hard drive space to operate. Although this project is still in an unfinished state as of right now, it seems to provide users with another option when looking at NANO wallet solutions.

#1 BrainBlocks PoS

The biggest development for the NANO cryptocurrency community to date comes in the form of the Brainblocks PoS system. It makes sending and receiving payments a breeze, primarily because of its convenient interface. The solution can be used for in-store payments, as it has already been tested at a bar earlier in September.

Given the feeless and instant transaction nature of NANO, a PoS solution on this scale can easily usher in a new era of mass cryptocurrency adoption. Although it remains to be seen how the rest of the world will respond to Brinblocks PoS, one cannot deny this solution has tremendous potential moving forward.



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