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Top 6 Airdrops for Token Holders – 2018 Week 41 Edition

Existing cryptocurrency users and token holders can take part in airdrops. There is potential for money to be made in the process as well. It is an interesting addition to how cryptocurrencies work as a whole, and it may incentivize a lot more people to hold their tokens accordingly.

#6 Archetypal

The Archetypal Network wants to become the first Ethereum-based cloud mining smart contract mining. A total of 250 million tokens are airdropped to existing ACTP holders over the next year. Users will need to own a minimum of 5 million tokens in MyEtherWallet to be deemed eligible for this particular airdrop. At the current market price, 5 million ACTP tokens equates to roughly $65. Snapshots happen every single month, and rewards will be paid on a monthly basis as well.


The airdrop is a rather peculiar one. The project will focus on evolving the traditional recruitment model using matching technology, smart contracts, and so forth. The airdropped tokens will be issued to GoChain GO token holders, although users will need to participate on the Telegram channel and deposit a minimum of 10 GO into their Turbowallet accordingly. At the current market price, 10 GO is roughly 36 cents ($0.36).

#4 Bionic

Existing holders of Ethereum and BNC will be eligible to receive a portion of the 7 billion Blox airdrop which is taking place right now. Everyone who owns at least 1 BNC token will receive Blox in a 1:10 ratio. Owning more BNC tokens will yield higher amounts of airdropped tokens. It is a rather straightforward process, as there is no additional activity requirement whatsoever. At the time of writing, 1 BNC token is worth $0.00024.

#3 Mywish

Although the MyWish airdrop has been going on for quite some time now, it is still ongoing until October 18th. WISH Holders simply need to join the project’s Telegram group and submit their username and EOS account name to the airdrop form. A total of 40 EOSISH tokens will be awarded to all eligible participants, which is something to look forward to as a holder.

#2 Phantom

It has been a while since ARK holders had something to look forward to in terms of airdrops. PHANTOM wants to become a decentralized system operated through delegated proof-of-stake. It is an effective ARK fork, and users who owned Ark on August 30th should see their tokens being put into the proper wallet accordingly. Users will need to enter their ARK address in the balance checker, and a guide has been created to claim coins after the fork.

#1 OAX

Existing holders of the OAX token will be given an opportunity to earn additional tokens through the airdrop. Users will need to perform activities on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, as well as complete the airdrop form accordingly. A total of 5 million tokens will be distributed to users based on the number of OAX they already own. A positive way to reward existing token holders and investors.


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