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Top 6 Volatile Cryptocurrencies and Tokens – 2018 Week 40 Edition

Numerous online platforms specialize in tracking information pertaining to all cryptocurrencies on the market today. Bitgur has recently updated its platform and now tracks cryptocurrencies based on their overall volatility. Although it is evident there is a lot of speculation regarding the volatile nature of different projects, it remains a valuable metric to keep tabs on regardless. A detailed explanation of the volatility index calculation can be found here.

#6 VeChain

To a lot of people, it will be rather surprising to see VeChain on this list. Looking at its value over the past months, a 1.89% increase does not appear to warrant a volatility score of 312.77. Even so, Bitgur ranks this coin in the top six, as volatility pertains to much more than just price changes over the past day, week, or month.

#5 Kin

It is only normal a native token associated with a social messaging application will see increasing volatility over time. In the case of Kin, the token sees a fair amount of activity, yet also notes many price fluctuations over the weeks. Its value has dropped by 42.35% over the past month, which attributes to its volatility score of 334.63.

#4 Veritaseum

Although this altcoin does not generate any real headlines on a regular basis, there appeared to be a genuine interest in Veritaseum. Things may have calmed down a bit over the past month, as can be seen from its 45.24% decline in value. At the same time, the currency is more volatile, according to Bitgur, resulting in a score of 374.67.

#3 Electroneum

Most people were introduced to Electroneum because of the 51% attack affecting this altcoin earlier this year. Ever since, it seems thing shave taken a turn for the better, and the price is seemingly stabilizing a bit. Unfortunately, its overall volatility score still sits at 450.82, which may make it less appealing to speculators and investors.

#2 Basic Attention Token

It is somewhat unusual to see a token with a real-world use case rank so high in terms of overall volatility. In the case of Basic Attention Token, the native currency of the Brave browser, its volatility has increased to 673.73. That is a rather worrisome figure, albeit it remains to be seen if this will cause any major issues down the line.

#1 Kyber Network

The one currency to top the volatility list, according to Bitgur, is Kyber Network with a score of 800.64. The currency has not noted any real changes in value which are out of the ordinary, yet it seems the currency is the most volatile of the bunch at this time. A high volatility rating does not seem to dismiss the potential of this token, as the native value seems to hold its own above the $0.32 mark with relative ease.


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