Top 9 Cryptocurrency Advertising Networks

Advertising networks are slowly gaining traction in the cryptocurrency world. With numerous platforms accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, an interesting scenario has been created. Some of those platforms have begun accepting alternative currencies as well.

9. A-Ads

One of the largest cryptocurrency-oriented advertising networks is known as Anonymous Ads, or A-Ads. Its main method of payment is Bitcoin, although other currencies may be added in the future. Its reputation has been well-documented over the years. More importantly, publishers do not register on the platform, as there is no collection of personal data at any stage. Money can be earned through unique impressions, referred sales, and so forth.

8. Adbit

Unlike most other service providers on this list, Adbit specializes in letting advertisers bid against one another for available ad spaces. It gives publishers a lot more options to choose from, while also creating a far more fair ecosystem for all parties involved. Popular websites with high conversion rates will be able to earn more money over time.

7. BitMedia

In the world of advertising, text ads are almost obsolete. For BitMedia, it is still a worthwhile option to explore alongside banner advertising. It is somewhat similar to how Google’s AdSense operates, though with a much greater focus on cryptocurrency. Strict requirements make this program a bit more difficult to get into, but the higher payouts make that effort worthwhile.

6. CoinAd

It is very uncommon for advertising networks to work on an invite-only basis. CoinAd differentiates itself from the pack by only focusing on worthwhile websites with high rates of trust and quality. For advertisers, this guarantees they are not deceived or bleeding money, something that can happen when sticking to more traditional advertising models.

5. CoinTraffic

Although this site flies under the radar a bit, CoinTraffic is intent on bridging the gap between advertisers and publishers. With its top-of-the-line support system, CoinTraffic has an edge over some of the other platforms on this list. With earnings calculated in fiat currency, it is also a bit easier for publishers to see how much they earn with CoinTraffic. Payments are still made in Bitcoin, however.

4. CoinURL

Giving users multiple ways to earn money with cryptocurrency advertising is always a smart business decision. CoinURL has made a name for itself by offering two types of revenue models. Its banner ads are the traditional way to go, but there are also shortened links to make money with. It is a very different type of advertising, although it can lead to some new business models along the way.

3. Mellow Ads

One of the older cryptocurrency advertising networks on the market today is Mellow Ads. It makes it easy to get involved with advertisers, but if one’s website has no quality traffic, the earnings will reflect this deficit. Due to its system of paying per unique click or view, earnings may not be what one would expect at first. However, a bit of hard work can go a very long way in this regard.

2. Token.Ad

One of the newer cryptocurrency advertising networks goes by the name of Token Ad. It allows users to benefit from the most efficient ad format to make advertisements blend in with normal website content. Advertisers will need to bid for available ad space, which should be rather beneficial to publishers. This platform lends itself to many different purposes, including generating buzz for crypto events or ICOs.

1. Coinzilla

Coinzilla emerged in the market of crypto advertising in November 2016 and, over the past two years, it has built a solid reputation in this industry by delivering quality services and results. By employing a vast network of relevant websites from the cryptospace, they help promote the projects of their advertisers efficiently by offering their ads to a targeted audience.

The company’s aim is “to connect advertisers with publishers and provide efficient promotion and monetization solutions for the finance & crypto network.”

Coinzilla has recently developed new features which have been implemented on their platform to improve the user experience of their clients and also to enlarge their list of advertising options.The features that have been introduced are device targeting, budget capping, unique user delivery, SEPA & SWIFT financial transfers, security enhancements, and API for campaign development, management, and statistics. Geo-targeting is a feature which enables you to choose only the countries you want to get your traffic from.

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