Trade.io: Next Gen Financial Institution Providing Ultimate in Security And Transparency, Offers Airdrop for TIO Tokens

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have been hailed by the blockchain enthusiasts and supporters as the technology that will replace the traditional banking and financial institutions. The decentralized technology offers ease of use, an economical, fast and secure solution for all of its users.

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The technology is definitely with potential. Yet, what most cryptocurrency developers and platforms currently offer is just a digital transfer of information, that holds a certain value in the eyes of the users and has little to do on replacing financial institutions

Trade.io: Bridging Traditional Banking Systems With Blockchain

Trade.io is a blockchain-based, decentralized platform that is offering traders an opportunity to utilize the best of what the technology has to offer. By successfully eliminating the gap between conventional banking and blockchain, it offers efficient, fair and a safe place for traders of different assets (digital, or physical) and commodities.

Apart from trading, the platform also offers services such as token generation event consulting and an Angel Investment Program.

TIO Airdrop

The Trade.io has already successfully completed its token generation event and as a bonus, has announced that it will be doing a round of airdropping its TIO token. The event is a huge one as the platform intends to drop at least 2,000,000 tokens per token sale. TIO holders and loyal users are qualified for the airdrop. Users must have passed their strict AML and KYC background checks to be eligible.

The airdrop is also valid for altcoins that are to be distributed through their TGE service, which includes TV-TWO, INGOT, ZeroEdge, DarcMatter, and Watchdog. Another 50 tokens events are already in the pipeline at different stages, ranging from consulting to actual distributions. This creates a massive 100,000,000 token airdrop program!

Airdrop Mechanics

Members of the Trade.io community who are on board the platform’ Telegram group and the client TGE telegram groups will automatically be airdropped a set number of tokens. Users who are TIO holders and will take part in clients’ events by becoming their backers are also eligible to receive the airdrop of the tokens. Furthermore, users who take part in the client events by becoming their investors will also be offered bonuses on the tokens beyond what the client will be offering.

Any TIO holder having more than 2500 TIO tokens will be qualified for the additional airdrop. The Trade.io team will take a snapshot of all the wallets to ensure that no one is missed. Since the token events will keep on continuing in the coming months, this will be an ongoing process.

All announcements on the airdrops will be made on the official Telegram channel of Trade.io. People willing to take part in the airdrop can acquire TIO tokens through supporting exchanges: GateIO, HitBTC, IDEX, OKEX, and Bancor.

For more information on the airdrops, visit their website: https://trade.io/

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