Trade.io Rolls Out Security Systems In Anticipation For Upcoming Crypto Exchange

Trade.io has announced the employment of a world-class security officer alongside a trained team with the intention of enhancing their cybersecurity robustness.

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Strong security controls were in place for their token sale, allowing the system to fend off numerous cyber attacks and attempted hacks on both the website and user data. Moving forward, even intense measures have been taken.

This includes a multi-layered protection system, including user sign-in with several authentication methods. Only encrypted communication will be used throughout the entire platform, which will protect any sensitive information that users may have.

Another measure being implemented that really highlights Trade.io’s commitment to security is risk assessments, penetration tests, and other reviews of code and infrastructure by both internal and external security experts.

These acts will be conducted by the highest international standards and methods, to ensure only the best practices are being used for securing user information and funds.

trade.io’s Chief Technology Officer, Charles Voltron, also commented:

“Our security approach towards securing the exchange is holistic, other than protecting the exchange with a multi-layered defence tactics, we are enhancing our employees awareness for cyber events, we protect our business processes and our internal technologies.”

The aforementioned security team will work 24/7 in monitoring the upcoming exchange for any infiltrations, and proactively handling any exploits, vulnerabilities, or weaknesses that they may encounter.

trade.io’s Head of Security, Ari Propper, commented:

“We are using innovative industry-leading technologies to detect, protect and respond quickly to cyber events. We have a team of experts with vast knowledge and experience in the cybersecurity field as well as deep and strong connections in the industry that allows us to consult, review and test relevancy of cybersecurity technologies continuously. We are treating cyber defence as an ongoing process and integrating it in all of the development and business activities.”

“When it comes to security, the trade.io team is firm on not cutting any corners and is committed to having an exchange that clients feel safe using.”

Increased Hackings Makes Security More Relevant Than Before

Hackers have become increasingly bold with the rise of cryptocurrency, and subsequently, the losses have increased as well. Just recently, two of the largest South Korean exchanges were victim to over $70,000,000 in crypto being stolen.

Even if the exchange is able to reimburse losses, trust in that exchange and for cryptocurrency, in general, is shaken. Invaluable information like addresses, phone numbers, and other personal identifiable information is also at risk when an exchange is hacked.

This makes the actions Trade.io is taking with their upcoming exchange even more important. With KYC requiring consumers to submit a sizeable amount of personal info, more than crypto is just at risk now.

To check out the exchange visit the platform here. For more information about the company in general and to pre-register for early access to the platform, visit the website here. To talk with community members and team members regarding the platform, visit the official Telegram channel. Social media updates are made on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Those curious about the team members can learn more by visiting Trade.io’s LinkedIn page.

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