Trade.io the World’s First ERC-20 Token Offered as Payment Method in FX Primus Platform

Trade.io is taking great strides to make sure its platform has a significant impact in the future. Its promise of a transparent and secure exchange and trading platform has already led to a successful token event in January 2018. The native TIO tokens are now involved in new partnerships with other fintech startups. Among the new partnerships is FXPRIMUS, a platform that is dubbed “Safest Place to Trade” in the world.

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Trade.io announced that the FXPRIMUS, after being an early adopter of the Trade.io platform, is now offering traders a unique opportunity to deposit their FX accounts using the TIO tokens native to Trade.io platform. The announcement comes after a fully successful integration was done between the two platforms back in January this year.

FXPRIMUS is has been an industry leader in its space for most of the ten odd years it has been operating. The unique opportunity to deposit value through TIO will see the token become as useful as Bitcoin in their new system.

Trade.io Community

“Tionauts”, as the Trade.io community members are called, will have the option to use over 120 trading features including forex pairing, stocks, and more. The TIO option is also being offered as a frictionless, free funding method that allows all clients to start trading swiftly as possible.

The integration of these two tech companies shows the power of the TIO token and the continuous effort by FXPRIMUS to make things easier and simpler for customers.

FXPRIMUD-Trade.io Partnership

The move is a novel one designed to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the Blockchain sector, and adds much needed value to the TIO token holder community.

According to Trade.io CEO Jim Preissler:

One of our many initiatives is to continue to bring utility to TIO. By offering it as a method of deposit to such an industry leader as FXPRIMUS, we will allow TIO Holders to experience the excitement of FX & CFD trading. This development also has the potential to significantly increase the size of the TIO community, as we’re exposing TIO to an entirely different asset class. We are already in talks with other brokers and non-financial companies which will only expand the TIO community.

CEO of PRIMUS Group Constantinos Kappai said:

Our motto and driving force at FXPRIMUS has always been to provide one of the safest trading environments for traders worldwide. With this new integration, our wish is to extend our stable and secure trading environment into a relatively untapped resource, the crypto world.”

The native token TIO of the Trade.io platform is available for trading in top exchanges including OKEX, Bancor, TIDEX, KuCoin, HitBTC and IDEX.

Users can visit the official platform by visiting the website: https://trade.io/exchange

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