Press Releases (GLO), Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum Classic (ETC) Could Make Early Investors Millionaires In 2024

If you want to make big money in crypto, you might have to start thinking about the long-term. While you may have been drawn to the space by stories of overnight riches, searching for these was never the most sustainable way to invest. After all, while massive overnight price surges do happen, investing with that mindset is setting yourself up with a huge amount of risk.

While no crypto investments are risk-free, there are much better ways to look after your money if you start thinking about the long-term. And while we might currently be in a bear market, there’s still huge long-term potential for the crypto space. Some argue that, especially because of current economic conditions on a global scale, crypto could be the way out. Especially one of these:

Uniglo (GLO)

Now is the perfect early opportunity with Uniglo (GLO). That’s because it’s still available at a discount during pre-sale, and experts are predicting big things for this deflationary crypto once it hits mainstream exchanges. Prices are up in the short term, but you could enjoy even bigger gains further down the line if you invest as soon as you can.

And GLO has an incredible range of fundamentals that make it one of the best new projects the space has seen for some time. With a strong store of value thanks to the GLO vault’s investments into a range of diversified assets that even include digital gold, GLO reintroduces the gold-standard peg that fiat lost long ago. This, alongside radical dual-burn technology, makes it completely deflationary and the best weapon against growing inflationary concerns.

Bitcoin (BTC)

While BTC might have struggled a bit recently, there will always be a place for the biggest and first crypto in the space. Many think it could fire beyond previous all-time highs in the next few months, prices it has importantly already proved itself capable of achieving in a strong market. This makes BTC a credible investment for the long term.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

As a hard fork from the larger ETH, ETC helps solve key issues and gives new benefits to its holders. While the Ethereum merge might help solve some of these issues, experts still think that ETC has a strong future as an alternative.


GLO, ETC, and BTC could all be exactly what your portfolio needs to prepare it for strong future successes. That’s why savvy investors are diversifying their portfolios into them right now, and you should consider doing so too.

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