US Coronavirus Symptom Tracker Won’t Sell Data Gathered Despite Privacy Policy

The coronavirus crisis doesn’t need any more controversies. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening, at least where a symptom tracker app is concerned.

There are many solutions on the market to try and fight the spreading of the novel coronavirus.

Coronavirus Symptom Tracker Raises Questions

One of those solutions is built by Vital, as they provide an online coronavirus symptom tracker in the state of Oregon.

What makes this platform so problematic is the way user data is being handled.

The company is confident that is can sell submitted data to advertisers.

All of this is covered in the tool’s privacy policy.

This doesn’t mean that the personal data WILL be sold, however.

During the coronavirus crisis, it may be best to avoid such a level of controversy altogether.

For an emergency room software company, negative backlash is the last thing they need right now.

Users are asked to share their age, gender, zip code, and symptoms.

Moreover, the tool collects web browsing history and location data.

So far, Vital has not sold any data, nor are they planning to do so, according to a spokesperson.

Why this wording is in the privacy policy in the first place, remains a mystery.

A very problematic situation regardless, but one that probably won’t have any major repercussions.

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