UTRUST Announces Partnership With Cryptocurrency DigiByte

Cryptocurrency payments gateway UTRUST is proud to announce their new collaboration with DigiByte.

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Partnership Details

DigiByte was selected due to their security, low transaction fees, and a dedicated team of developers. DigiByte is a cryptocurrency that has been developed over the last four years and has also helped other cryptocurrencies with implementing blockchain technology into their own iterations.

Why DigiByte?

DigiByte also has fees substantially lower than other compatible UTXO chains, which is very important for a payment platform. At the height of traffic for coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, transaction fees can skyrocket, which discourages people from making purchases, payments, or using it as a payment platform.

DigiByte is also secure: no central server secures the system and is instead secured by a worldwide distributed node protocol. This ensures higher uptime and reliability, so users utilizing DigiByte don’t have to worry about network problems.

The partnership will allow the two to offer users a secure payments solution, that will safely accept multiple cryptocurrencies. This cryptocurrency payments platform will be a big step forward for mainstream adoption, bridging traditional markets with crypto.

One of cryptocurrencies biggest use cases is for online e-commerce, and having a safe, reliable payment platform that can accept numerous payment methods (crypto and fiat alike) is needed if crypto is to be adopted by the masses.

DigiByte’s Awareness Team Marketing Manager Rudy Bouwman is enthusiastic about the upcoming actions between the two companies:

“We are excited by the prospect of working with UTRUST and getting DigiByte to be your payment processing solution; this would allow us to grow organically and attract more interest as an open source solution. We hope not only to create a robust decentralized public blockchain, but to change the world for the better.”

UTRUST made a similar move last month with fellow payments solution company Pundi X. UTRUST will continue to make breakthroughs in integrating cryptocurrencies as it continues to work towards being a leading payments solution provider.

UTRUST Roadmap

As UTRUST continues forward, Q3 of this year will see the payment platform releasing their client API, as well as the web wallet and application. This should be followed quickly by the release of the platform in the last quarter of 2018, with over 200 merchants and live transactions.

From 2019 onward, UTRUST will continue on working to refine the platform, as well as expanding it to accommodate more merchants that wish to accept cryptocurrencies effortlessly and seamlessly.

In the meantime, partnerships with leading cryptocurrencies like DigiByte will further bring UTRUST to their end goal.

To learn more about UTRUST, visit their website. The whitepaper is also available here, for those that want a more in-depth look at UTRUST. For those interested in trading the native UTK token with BTC, make sure to visit KuCoin. To talk with the community and team members, hop onto UTRUST’s Telegram channel. For social media updates, make sure to check out their Twitter account. Social media posts are also made on their Facebook. Blog posts will be made on their Medium.

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