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What Is Truebase?

Various efforts have been undertaken to disrupt traditional social networks of all kinds. LinkedIn may face a lot of competition from Truebase, a new platform aimed at attracting blockchain professionals. Given the increasing popularity of blockchain¬†and firms exploring this technology, having a professional network service on one’s side is no unnecessary luxury.

The Truebase Concept

On the surface, similarities between Linkedin and Truebase are not hard to come by. Both ventures focus on building a professional social network, although Truebase primarily intends to attract blockchain professionals. More specifically, they want to ensure professionals can find the right job opportunities for their skills, which has proven to be rather challenging up until this point.

How Does it Work?

A lot of issues can arise when bridging the gap between blockchain professionals and job providers. In the case of Truebase, it aims to become an incentivized network matching users and business opportunities without recruiters or traditional solutions offered by existing professional networks. Members who provide value to the network will be rewarded, whereas the “bad seeds” will be punished.

Keeping one’s information up-to-date at all times will be subject to incentives. They will earn Truebase tokens for this specific purpose, as well as for helping other users. With these tokens, platform users can create “asks” which will help them find professionals for blockchain opportunities or the other way around.

Truebase makes use of the True Protocol to help professionals build a digital business reputation. Moreover, users can maintain full control of their identity among all applications to be built on top of this platform in the future. As such, it becomes evident this project will heavily rely on community involvement, although there is no reason to think that will pose any real problems in the foreseeable future.

The Road Ahead

While Truebase may become a major hub for blockchain professionals and companies looking to hire new talents, there is still a lot of work to be done. The project is currently available to the entire world, although future improvements will be introduced to this platform in the months and years to come. Especially the prospect of future applications built on top of the True Protocol will get a lot of people excited, for obvious reasons.


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