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What Is Operation Darkness Falls?

The US government is cracking down on any and all illegal activity pertaining to cryptocurrencies. Although that will undoubtedly cause some friction, it is also a necessary step in making the industry appear more legitimate. Operation Darkness Falls is one of the latest initiatives undertaken by the US DOJ, and it has proven to be successful so far.

The Operation Darkness Falls Concept

Cracking down on illicit darknet activity remains a monumental task for any government agency. Criminals have gotten very crafty at hiding their tracks in this day and age. Operation Darkness Falls was set up to slowly erode criminal activity on the darknet, especially pertaining to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It is a joint collaboration which proves to be successful.

How Does It Work?

Any operation aimed at the darknet needs to be a joint collaboration. For Operation Darkness Falls, the US DOJ is joining forces with Homeland Security, USPIS, the FBI, and the DEA. It shows how serious all parties are about shutting down criminal activity, especially when it comes to online drug sales. The agencies target people and organizations selling fentanyl and other drugs on the darknet.

In the latest press release, it was announced numerous arrests and guilty pleas have been achieved through Operation Darkness Falls. Perhaps the biggest success to date is the successful arrest of MH4Life, one of the biggest fentanyl vendors in the US. It shows the operation is working quite well. Moreover, the investigation shows this vendor is, in fact, two people who are operating under this name.

It is evident Operation Darkness Falls will bring more positive attention to cryptocurrencies in the long run. By slowly eroding darknet drug sales, there are a lot of exciting opportunities to explore in the future. Bitcoin is often associated with illegal activity, but it lacks the necessary traits to grant users privacy or anonymity. As such, using this form of payment will make Operation Darkness Falls a success for the various law enforcement agencies.

The Road Ahead

Given the major success achieved by Operation Darkness Falls, it seems unlikely this venture will wind down anytime soon. Even so, it is evident there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to getting rid of illegal darknet sales pertaining to drugs. Despite the initial successes, there is still plenty of work to be done, as the number of drug sales on the darknet will not slow down anytime soon.


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