NullTX XRP Price Uptrend

XRP Price: Bullrun Continues as Market Cap Nears Ethereum’s Valuation

The current XRP price momentum is a lot more bullish than anyone could have predicted. After a strong day of gains yesterday, the upward momentum seemingly continues without missing a beat. In fact, a 42% increase in 24 hours is very uncommon, as it is pushing the XRP market cap closer to Ethereum’s as of right now.

XRP Price is Soaring

No one can deny this current XRP price momentum is extremely bullish. Although it is not spilling over to most other markets just yet, this is the healthiest the cryptocurrency charts have looked throughout the second half of 2018. Green is found all across the board, indicating the momentum may only be in the initial stages. This recent push has elevated the XRP price to over $0.46, and $0.5 is not out of the questions.

In most cases, the cryptocurrency industry will not a very steep correction after such strong gains. However, it seems the XRP price is not the only one gaining value as of right now. If this is indeed a joint momentum across all different markets, it seems evident the XRP price will remain in the green for some time to come. The 35.27% increase over Bitcoin is perhaps the most impressive aspect of all, as such a rebound is highly uncommon.

Not everyone is convinced the XRP price will remain in the green for much longer. In fact, Frank AltsVision is convinced this FOMO will dry up fairly soon and XRP will drop to $0.25 or even lower. It is always good to keep a level head when the going gets this spectacularly good. However, Frank is also convinced the future looks bright for XRP, which is rather interesting.

In this day and age, there is still a  lot of confusion regarding the differences between Ripple and XRP. Although one would expect things to clear up a bit in this regard, it is important to remind people these are not two names for the same project. The infographic in the Tweet below seems to explore the basic differences quite well and should help a lot more people understand what the future holds for both Ripple and XRP in this regard.

In more positive news, Dapperhub is convinced XRP is bound to see further upward momentum, albeit it will never hit the value of either Ethereum or Bitcoin, a price of $5 per XRP does not seem to to be unreasonable. One has to keep in mind XRP is not a traditional cryptocurrency either, and its focus on the financial industry can make $5 look undervalued. Only time will tell how things play out in this regard.

The bigger question is whether or not XRP can surpass Ethereum in terms of market cap. Right now, it seems rather likely XRP will surpass ETH if this trend keeps up. However, one also has to keep in mind the value of Ethereum appears to be on the rise, which confirms things are looking pretty good ahead of the upcoming weekend. The crypto industry needed some major bullish momentum, and XRP is delivering the goods as of right now.


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