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Top 6 Exchanges to Purchase NEO in 2018

It has been interesting to see how the demand for NEO has been on the rise as of late. As such, users will also need to find the right exchanges to buy NEO. The following platforms offer exposure to this particular altcoin and are ranked by the current trading volume.

#6 HitBTC

It has become apparent HitBTC remains one of the more popular altcoin exchanges despite the high withdrawal fees this platform appears to maintain. In the case of NEO, HitBTC provides exposure to this currency primarily through its USDT market, although BTC and ETH trading are both possible as well. Having multiple options at one’s disposal is always a good thing.

#5 BitForex

This particular exchange is usually excluded from CoinMarketCap for its volume, albeit no one seems to know why. BitForex is quite popular when it comes to NEO trading through its USDT and ETH pairs as of right now. Finding direct fiat currency support for NEO will be quite difficult at this stage, although there is one exchange further down the list providing this type of exposure


The BCEX exchange is quickly gaining popularity in terms of altcoin trading as of right now. In the case of NEO, it is a popular trading market through is BTC pair, although it remains to be seen how long it can keep BitForex and consorts behind. Even so, interesting developments are taking place in this regard.

#3 Bitfinex

The only exchange in this list providing fiat currency support for NEO is Bitfinex. This platform exposes NEO traders to the US Dollar directly, which makes it ideal for users who do not want to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether first. Even so, it is not the most liquid market as of right now. Some more competition in the fiat currency department will be beneficial to NEO.

#2 BitMart

Although this is one of the exchanges few people seem to actively discuss, it is a prominent trading platform for NEO trading as of right now. It has three pairs in the NEO volume top 10 through its USDT, BTC, and ETH offerings. A very positive development for this particular altcoin, as more trading platforms offer much-needed competition for the cryptocurrency industry.

#1 Binance

Literally no one is surprised to see Binance at the top of the NEO trading volume these days. Its USDT pair is vastly more popular than any other market, followed by its BTC market. The ETH pair is far less popular right now, yet it is still a pretty interesting option to explore. For Binance, adding NEO has been a very smart decision to date.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. Please do your own independent research before using any of these exchanges. Some platforms may not be available for your area.


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