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YouTube Keeps Banning Channels Covering Conspiracy Theories

YouTube has taken a rather aggressive stance on what type of video content is allowed on its platform. Anyone leaning  in the direction of sharing conspiracy theories can expect a ban hammer these days.

The YouTube of old is no longer available today, which is a shame.

No More Conspiracy Theories by David Icke

By actively policing what type of content and opinions people distribute in the form of video content, things are heading in the wrong direction.

While not everyone sees eye-to-eye with conspiracy theories, they aren’t always that far off the truth in hindsight.

David Icke, a known conspiracy theorist, had his YouTube channel deleted permanently this week.

According to the company, Icke’s videos violate the policies on sharing information about the coronavirus.

It is true that some of the claims by Icke are a bit outside the norm.

Claiming how the coronavirus can be linked to 5G mobile technology is still an unproven theory.

As such, his entire channel has been removed and will not be reinstated.

It is not the first time YouTube goes after conspiracy theories involving 5G technology.

Only time will tell if there is something to these theories, or whether it was all in people’s heads.¬†


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