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Activists Damage 5G Masts In The Netherlands due to Health Concerns

Innovative technologies will always be met with ample criticism and resistance during the initial stage. In terms of rolling out 5G technology, the protests are turning rather violent all over the world. 

All over the world, 5G technology is getting plenty of negative attention.

5G Activists Turn Violent in The Netherlands

In some countries, there are conspiracy theories regarding 5G spreading the coronavirus.

Albeit those theories are completely fake, it is evident that this negative attention doesn’t bode well for the future rollout of 5G.

In The Netherlands, things are turning more violent in recent weeks.

Earlier this week, several towers were damaged or set alight by activists.

This has nothing to do with coronavirus conspiracy theories, however.

Instead, the activists are concerned about other possible health risks and privacy violations.

Towers across Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Liessel, Nuenen, and Beesd have all been severely damaged.

It seems unlikely that these attempts will hinder the actual rollout of this technology, however.

It is a crucial technology to further transform society into a digital world.

Especially for hospitals, 5G connectivity can make a world of difference once it gets rolled out on a larger scale.

That being said, these protests should not be ignored either.

Addressing any concerns people may have has to take priority over everything else.

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