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3 Peculiar VeChain Price Predictions for 2018

Throughout 2018, there has been a very strong focus on the VeChain project. This particular ecosystem seems to attract a lot of price speculators and enthusiasts, which can lead to some interesting VET predictions for the remainder of 2018. The following 3 charts show the VeChain price might be bound for a major upswing, assuming key support levels hold true.

#3 Caught in the Middle

vechain price prediction
Chart: Tradingview

It doesn’t happen all that often traders outline the three key “zones” for any cryptocurrency. In the case of Blockchaindedi, the chart contains a lot of information which can be quite beneficial to those with both short- and long-term aspirations. Trading at 180 satoshi, VET unfortunately broke down the crucial level and is currently in the bearish range. VeChain needs to break through the 187 satoshi resistance in order to make gains in the near future.

Should the VeChain price move up, however, it is most unlikely a new all-time high will be reached at some point in 2019. The current VET all-time high sits near the 330 Satoshi level. Surpassing that value will be extremely challenging, but once the 260 Satoshi level is broken, anything is possible for this popular altcoin. If and when either trend will materialize, however, is a different matter altogether.

#2  Waiting for the big Move

vechain price prediction
Chart: Tradingview

It is safe to say a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been waiting for any sort of bullish momentum. The year 2018 has been pretty disappointing so far, but things can still turn around. Oamati, for example, firmly believes VeChain will see a big move in the near future. Although this trend has not effectively materialized yet, it is evident the triangle pattern can still be broken with relative ease in the coming days or weeks.

The big question is which way this particular triangle will break. A downward trend could easily push VET down to 147 Satoshi, whereas an uptrend will push the altcoin as high as 250 Satoshi. None of these changes are “massive” compared to what happened earlier in the year, but they will tell a tale of what the future will hold for this particular altcoin moving forward. For now, the waiting game continues, to much dismay of most traders and enthusiasts.

#1 The Multi-year Long

vechain price prediction
Chart: Tradingview

Optimism is a valuable trait in the world of cryptocurrency. The year 2018 has been absolutely terrible, although some traders keep their faith regardless. HonzaHonzas is one of those individuals who looks at the VeChain price from a multi-year perspective. That also means VeChain is, in the opinion of this trader, a very safe buy for the coming months and years.

Charts like these are very intriguing, although they may not necessarily tell the entire story. It is certainly true things look very promising for VeChain based on the current market conditions, although it remains to be seen which way the triangle will break for VET. If positive, the sky is the limit. A negative breakout, however, would not be disastrous for VET either, as it seemingly leads to even more accumulation.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. Please do your own research before investing into any cryptocurrency.

VeChain Charts by Tradingview


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