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4 Places to Pay with Crypto

Have crypto to spend? Many big-name retailers are starting to integrate crypto payment processing options. In fact, Starbucks stole the headlines this summer when the coffee giant confusingly announced that it was looking into Bitcoin systems.

However, it hasn’t been all glitters and gold with retailers accepting cryptocurrency as payment – earlier this year Expedia quietly dropped cryptocurrency processing from their travel booking platform. Here are four places you can pay with crypto, ranked by the variety of offerings.

4. REEDS Jewelers

Crypto investors may not be able to buy a Lambo with bitcoin yet, but they can buy a Rolex! Reeds Jewelers accepts bitcoin at all 13 brick and mortar locations, and through their e-commerce department.

3. CheapAir

Sometimes the volatility in the value of cryptos can prove to be too much – even the biggest enthusiast needs a getaway! After a user selects their flight on CheapAir, they are given payment options, including bitcoin. Transactions are finalized using a Coinbase wallet.

2. eGifter

Even if customers can’t spend bitcoin at every website or brick and mortar, they can use cryptocurrency to purchase gift cards for retailers that don’t directly accept digital currencies. Using Coinbase as their cryptocurrency partner, customers on eGifter can purchase gift cards for a variety of retailers including Amazon, Uber, and Nordstrom.


Overstock was one of the first major retailers to accept bitcoin. Since January 2014, the company has allowed customers to buy everything from barstools to perfume and television sets with bitcoin. In fact, Overstock now accepts all major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Litecoin.

There is no question that the marketplace will continue to see retailers accepting cryptocurrency payments. As retailers implement digital currency processing, the technology will undoubtedly see an increase in adoption.


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