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Crypto Beginners Guide: 5 Simple Questions Answered

Cryptocurrency has been around since 2009, when bitcoin was launched by a pseudonymous programmer called Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto’s big innovation was developed with the intention of verifying secure financial transactions outside the authority of a centralized bank. Nine years later, there has been a boom of discussion surrounding the confusion […]

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8 Celebrities Who Love Crypto

Over the past couple of years, cryptocurrency has received a star-studded boost from actors, reality stars and singers. Some of these celebrities are deeply involved in the projects, and others are simply involved for the advertising payout. Regardless of how they’re involved, these notable personalities are bringing awareness to the […]


3 Brand New Multi-Blockchain Swapping Tools

Cryptocurrency has come a long way in 2018, but the marketplace is still full of limitations. Although many decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have made a name for themselves, crypto hobbyists are still flocking to centralized (CEX) platforms.  With that said, most professional traders endorse decentralized exchanges because they adhere to the […]

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4 Places to Pay with Crypto

Have crypto to spend? Many big-name retailers are starting to integrate crypto payment processing options. In fact, Starbucks stole the headlines this summer when the coffee giant confusingly announced that it was looking into Bitcoin systems. However, it hasn’t been all glitters and gold with retailers accepting cryptocurrency as payment […]


4 Cryptocurrency Shows on Mainstream Television

Bitcoin has been sporadically mentioned on television throughout the last couple of years, but 2018 has seen an influx of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based television programs. National networks have picked up on the industry excitement and are giving crypto a made-for-TV makeover. Here are 4 cryptocurrency shows on mainstream television, ranked […]

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4 Reasons Why Investors Avoid Decentralized Exchanges

Blockchain and cryptocurrency were originally envisioned as decentralized, community-oriented initiatives. Participants were intended to hold power over centralized (read: government) authority. As blockchain and cryptocurrency evolved and captured millions of investors along the way, trading gravitated toward centralized platforms. Centralized institutions like Coinbase or Binance are great because of their […]