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4 Simple Guidelines to Remain Safe From Cryptojacking Attacks

Cryptojacking is a very serious threat which cannot be taken lightly. It seems a lot of devices continue to get infected with cryptocurrency mining malware these days. The following tips can help users protect their devices from such attacks and prevent the malware from causing any real damage.

#4 Use a Proper Browser

Even though consumers tend to use the same browser for many years in a row, one has to keep in mind not all solutions are created equal. In the case of dealing with cryptojacking threats, it is of the utmost importance to use a browser which can nip these threats in the bud at an early stage. Over 1 billion users visit cryptojacking websites every month, which is absolutely unacceptable.

The Opera browser seems to be the most prominent solution in this regard. It was released recently with a cryptojacking blocker installed natively. Firefox is offering a somewhat similar solution, whereas Chrome and Edge are not paying too much attention to such solutions as of right now. Opera Mini is the mobile browser to check out in this regard, although other solutions may come to market in the future.

#3 Avoid Unofficial Apps

Mobile users, as well as computer users, need to be very wary of applications which are not distributed by official sources. In the case of mobile devices, jailbroken Apple devices or Android devices with “unknown sources” checked are a prone target to cryptojacking. Avoiding any potential issues should always take precedence in this regard.

#2 Update Your Device

Although this is a very common and often mentioned tip, consumers still struggle to keep all of their electronic devices updated at all times. It is somewhat annoying to update mobile devices and computers alike, but it is also a necessity in terms of protecting against malware attacks. Cryptojacking is facilitated by devices running old and vulnerable firmware first and foremost.

#1 Pay Attention to Your Router

One worrisome aspect about cryptojacking in its current form is how criminals primarily tend to attack routers. More specifically, nearly 300,000 routers around the globe currently run cryptojacking malware, a number that is bound to increase over time. This highlights the need for both consumers and corporations to invest in a secure router and keep that device safe from harm as well.

Although it is unclear if the cryptojacking threat is native to MicroTik routers, it seems evident those devices are under a lot of pressure right now. That does not mean all other router brands are safe from harm by default. Routers have become a lot smarter, yet the core weaknesses of such systems will always remain in place. Cryptojacking will exploit any vulnerability in this regard, which can pose major problems for all devices connected to this router.


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