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How to Secure Your Network

Over time, we are exposed to the dangers that are entirely new and unknown for us. The way we work is different today, we are so bound to technologies among which the internet connection ranks on the first. These days, everything from ordering food to booking a cab is being […]


Top 5 Ways to get Hacked in 2019

In this modern era of technology and growing social media activity, it is only normal hacking remains an overarching problem. In fact, the more common ways of getting hacked have become slightly more sophisticated, which usually spells trouble for potential victims. Weak Passwords Need to go Albeit it has been […]

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Blockchain or Banks: Which has a Better Security for Financial Transactions?

By now, it’s highly likely that most of us understand how Blockchain technology has dramatically changed and how the world operates considerably. The Blockchain system is an openly distributed digital ledger technology behind the cryptocurrency industry. According to Alex Tapscott, the co-author of the Blockchain Revolution, the Blockchain technology is […]

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What Is HoshoCon?

Blockchain security is quickly becoming a pressing topic. So much, in fact, that it is getting its very own conference in Las Vegas later this year. HoshoCon is meant to highlight issues and solutions pertaining to blockchain security. It’s just another sign of how this industry is maturing. Blockchain Security […]