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6 Crypto and Blockchain Projects With few Active Developers

Even though there is no shortage of cryptocurrency projects on the market today, not all of these concepts see a lot of developer activity. In the following six cases – ranked by ascending number of contributors –  that is primarily because there aren’t many active developers contributing code right now. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean the project is dead, yet it does raise a lot of questions.

#6 Dentacoin

According to the statistics provided by Crypto Code Watch, Dentacoin has just five active code contributors at this time. That seems rather low for a project which aims to target the dental industry first and foremost. At the same time, five people may just be sufficient to keep this project going at this stage of development. For a cryptocurrency ranked 59th by market cap, one would expect different statistics.

#5 AdEx

By positioning itself as one of the future “advertising networks relying on blockchain and cryptocurrency”, AdEx seemingly has very few active developers. Although this is not a traditional cryptocurrency project like Bitcoin or Ethereum, just five contributors seems rather low. It will be interesting to see if that number increases as more time progresses.

#4 Populous

It seems not all of the top cryptocurrencies ranked by market cap will have a lot of code contributors. Although that can be seen as a big problem, it appears Populous is doing just fine with its eight contributors. For a top 30 coin, so few developers is not necessarily a promising sign, but for now, there is nothing to worry about just yet.

#3 HShare

Despite some interesting price action over the past few weeks, the number of HShare developers might not necessarily warrant any real excitement. At the time of writing, the project has nine different developers, which may prove a bit low depending on how the project intends to evolve moving forward.  None of them made any contributions in the past week, which is a bit unusual.

#2 DigixDAO

For a project which aims to tokenize physical gold reserves by using the Ethereum blockchain, DigixDAO may want to look at adding additional developers to the project. Statistics indicate this venture has just 10 developers, although one has to wonder how many code changes the project needs at this stage. Even so, a fresh look at things can always result in some interesting changes.

#1 Dragonchain

Disney’s blockchain venture has received plenty of attention since its announcement. One would expect such a project to provide jobs for dozens of developers, but that is not necessarily the case. Instead, Dragonchain has 11 contributors as of right now, none of which made any noteworthy contributions to the project over the past week.  


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