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Qubic is Still a Part of IOTA but Focus Shifts to Smart Contracts

The year 2020 has not been all that beneficial to Iota by any means. Following the Trinity incident, it now appears that there is some concern regarding the Qubic project.

Any cryptocurrency project requires constant development and updates to remain relevant.

IOTA Hasn’t Given up on Qubic Just yet

For ventures such as IOTA, that is perhaps even more crucial compared to other altcoins.

This particular venture is designed to target the Internet of Things, which is an industry that never stops evolving.

One of the projects under development under the IOTA umbrella is Qubic.

However, it would appear that this project has undergone some unexpected changes.

That seems to confirm how the IOTA Foundation is no longer actively maintaining the code, for whatever reason.

Generating buzz for Qubic, and then not finishing it despite initial promises, wouldn’t reflect well on IOTA as a whole.

It would appear that there is one particular reason to explain this current situation.

The developers still consider it the biggest thing to occur within the IOTA ecosystem.

It is now known as “IOTA Smart Contracts”, and that development is still ongoing.

Prioritizing the smart contract aspect is an interesting, albeit sensible decision.

As such, changing the name to properly reflect the current focus and this ongoing change makes a lot of sense.


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