What is “Ethereum Spoon” Athereum?

Ethereum is one of those cryptocurrencies which people seemingly like to fork. There has been the creation of Ethereum Classic, albeit a new fork could occur at the next major network upgrade as well. In the meantime, there is the Athereum project, which labels itself as a “spoon” of Ethereum.  […]

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What are Blockchain Domains?

The world of domain name registration and services has seen little to no innovation in recent years. A new venture known as Unstoppable Domains is here to change all of that. This software company is building domains on blockchains, and they have now launched their first domain extension. Users looking […]

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What is the Universal Protocol Alliance?

A lot of different and unique initiatives have been launched in the cryptocurrency industry. The Universal Protocol Alliance is one of those ventures which has seemingly gone by unnoticed. With a unified goal of bringing more people into cryptocurrency, one has to wonder how the team will achieve all of […]

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What is CipherTrace Scout?

Blockchain analysis has become somewhat of a booming business model. Numerous companies aim to track nefarious Bitcoin and altcoin transactions in real-time. It now seems the average cryptocurrency enthusiast can do the same, courtesy of CipherTrace, Their new mobile app aims to bring more legitimacy to this fledgling industry as […]

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What is the IOTA Permanode?

In the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, network nodes play a major role of importance. The more nodes are online, the more secure the network has become in the process. As far as IOTA is concerned, the team has introduced a new solution which could be quite interesting. Known as Chronicle, […]


What is the Ballet Hardware Wallet?

In the cryptocurrency world, there are multiple ways to keep funds secure. The best way to do so is by using a hardware wallet. Although several offerings exist already, it seems Ballet can be added to this list moving forward. It is a new venture by Bobby Lee, the former […]

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What is BitcoinAbuse?

The association between Bitcoin and criminal activity cannot be ignored. Criminals favor cryptocurrency due to its wrongfully perceived anonymity. Thankfully, numerous services try to address that situation. BitcoinAbuse is a very intriguing and noteworthy service in this regard. Although it largely depends on community participation, no stone should be left […]

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What Is Syscoin?

Many blockchain and cryptocurrency projects attempt to make a unique mark on the industry. Syscoin is putting up a valiant effort in this regard, as it aims to put any business on the blockchain. Its crucial core features allow anyone to build secure and low-cost applications which can cater to […]


What Is Cryptocurrency Staking?

There are many different ways to increase one’s cryptocurrency holdings. Some do it by buying more coins, while others try to mine altcoins with a GPU or ASIC. Another option worth looking into is known as cryptocurrency staking. While not all cryptocurrencies support it, it is a very powerful protocol […]


How to Invest in Blockchain Stocks?

Whereas a lot of people are merely interested in speculating on cryptocurrencies, the option to invest in blockchain stocks cannot be overlooked either. It is relatively easy to do so, since it does not involve cryptocurrency exchanges whatsoever. Similar to other investments, blockchain stocks also come with their own advantages, […]

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What is Lightning Hosted?

In the cryptocurrency world, there is never a shortage of new and interesting projects. Some of these ventures will be more successful than others, although most of the offerings will find their niche market sooner or later. Lightning Hosted is perhaps one of the more interesting projects as of late, […]


What is Alagoria?

Making cryptocurrencies more useful in everyday life remains one of the major hurdles for this industry. Considering how Bitcoin is not accepted as an official payment method for most products and services, it is only normal alternative solutions need to be explored. Alagoria aims to become a top service in […]


What is the IOTA Academy?

It is pertinent for individual cryptocurrency projects to keep evolving. Especially when it comes to getting more developers excited about certain ecosystems, no efforts should be spared. The IOTA Foundation has recently unveiled its IOTA Academy., which is designed to accelerate the development of this ecosystem There are also three […]


What is Meme Trading on OneDerx all About?

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is home to many innovative ideas and projects. Not all of these creations will gain mainstream traction despite having some solid or unique ideas. The launch of Onederx,   which has seemingly gone by unnoticed, is well worth paying attention to. It is the only platform […]