How to Invest in Blockchain Stocks?

Whereas a lot of people are merely interested in speculating on cryptocurrencies, the option to invest in blockchain stocks cannot be overlooked either. It is relatively easy to do so, since it does not involve cryptocurrency exchanges whatsoever. Similar to other investments, blockchain stocks also come with their own advantages, drawbacks, and financial risk.

Investing in Blockchain Stocks 101

The technology underpinning Bitcoin is referred to as the blockchain. This technology can exist without cryptocurrencies, which makes it appealing to companies seeking to commercialize such operations. Over the past few years, a growing number of publicly traded companies have begun showing an interest in blockchain technology.

With the company stocks being publicly traded, consumers and investors are showing an increasing interest them. Especially those who feel cryptocurrencies will not succeed in the end, often claim blockchain is the next big thing. In terms of overall investing, blockchain stocks carry the same risk as dealing with any other technology company. The concept and product may work out, or never mature enough to reach a commercial state.

Which Companies to Invest in?

It is always pertinent for investors to properly conduct their own research. This is no different where blockchain stocks are concerned. Over the past few years, numerous companies have attempted to inflate their stock price by “taking the blockchain route”. In a fair few cases, the technology was never even explored, nor will it ever be. Doing the necessary research can prevent investors from having to deal with such potential pitfalls.

Of the companies involved in blockchain there are quite a few which are publicly traded. Most of them were listed well before their blockchain-oriented venture as well. GMO Internet Inc (TYO), Accenture Plc (NYSE),  BLOK Technologies Inc (CSE), Blockchain Worldwide PLC (LON) and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ) are just some of the potential examples in this regard. The number of different offerings is vastly greater, and may continue to expand for some time to come.

But What About Bitcoin Companies?

By default one would consider investing in a Bitcoin firm is on par with expressing interest in blockchain stocks. There is certainly a case to be made there. Companies like Bitfury and Bitmain are also connected to blockchain development in a way, but they are not publicly traded firms either. That situation may come to change over time, but the “safer” option is to invest in blockchain-focused firms directly through mainstream stock trading platforms.

Which Platform to use?

Several brokers currently specialize in blockchain stock investments. This is only to be expected, as the interest in this particular industry continues to grow over time. For those who can access major exchanges like NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange, going that route is a worthwhile option. TD Ameritrade, eTrade, and Ally Investment are also trying to cater to this particular crowd of investors. Always vet a company first before trusting them with one’s finances, however.

Is it Worth it?

That is a question no one can answer for anyone else, unfortunately. When it comes to investments, there is always a risk factor associated with the process. Blockchain stocks are no different in this regard. When it comes to predicting their potential returns, the results will be all over the place. Some companies may see major peaks and lows, whereas others remain flat.

Those who firmly believe in blockchain’s potential will often invest with ease. Others, who want to make money, may pass up on this opportunity. There is no right or wrong decisions when it comes to these types of investments, as that has to be a personal decision first and foremost. It all comes down to personal expectations and preferences. That is the nature of investing: some people enjoy it, whereas others don’t see any added value in exploring such options.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or blockchain stock.

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